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Modern Chinese defintion of ChiKung (氣功)

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What is Chi Kung health method?
First of all, what is Chi Kung really all about?

@ 1:00

What is the meaning of Chi Kung.
氣 (Chi) in Chi Kung means breathing(呼吸)
(Kung) means to practice(練習).

氣功 是練習呼吸
Chi kung is to practice breathing. In other words, Chi Kung is a breathing practice method.

@ 6:45
Chi kung has three parts are to be accomplished the practitioners.
1. 調息(Regulate breathing) : Regulate breathing is the very basic part of Chi Kung.
2. 調身(Fine-tune the body) : Refine the body (tendons and bones) to its top performance.
3. 調心(Liberating the mind) : Purify the mind with clear thoughts.

@ 7:40
Let's talk about breathing(呼吸),  .....

1. 調息(Regulate breathing)
Regulating the breath is the fundamental step in Chi Kung. This is the normal breathing practice pattern.
Each inhalation and exhalation should be very distinctive. Do not move the upper torso while breathing.
Breathe slowly with the nose but not the mouth. It is because the nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating.
One can breathe softly by not moving the upper torso.

Ordinary people breathe about 18 to 24 times per minute. The air volume is very low. It is because the breathing depth was only 1/3 to 1/2 deep inside the lung. Hence, the amount of oxygen going through the body is very low. Chi kung breathing method is to regulate the breath. So, the air can go into the deepest point in the lung. Thus the air intake may be at twice or higher than normal.

@ 8:45
Breathing can be done in various postures. However, the main thing is to sit up straight with back in and the chest out slightly. Breathe slowly and softly as indicated above. There are many methods of breathing, but deep breathing is the most fundamental method. Inhale slowly with the abdominal muscle moving slightly to guide the diaphragm to go up and down to regulate the lung volume. When the lung is full, hold the breath for about three seconds, then, exhale slowly. So to speak. It is OK not to force oneself to count but just breathe naturally.

There are two kinds of breathing methods. One is normal breathing and the other is reverse breathing. Regular breathing, on exhalation, is to contract the abdomen muscle to lift up the diaphragm to push the lung upward to let the old air out. During inhalation is to guide the diaphragm downward to increase the lung volume to hold more air.

Note: People with breathing problem should be given special instructions other than the normal breathing method.

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