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Wanted to alert any interested DaoBums that John Michael Greer's latest weekly essay and where participants (along with JMG) can post about the latest chapter being discussed (at the time of this post) which is on Chapter 19 of the Revised Edition and Chapter 21 of the Millennial Edition.  You can download a free pdf of The Cosmic Doctrine since it's now in the public domain. Each month I'll come back here and revise it to include the latest essay link. Each essay has quite lively participation with lots of back and forth discussion. Small note: JMG approves each post before it's allowed on the discussion. So if you participate and hit submit it will not just automatically show up. Usually later in the afternoon you'll start seeing posts show up and this will go on until the day before next week's topic goes up.




Below are links to the chapter commentaries and study participants posts


Chapter 1: The Dawn of Manifestation

Chapter 2: The Forces of (Negative) Evil

Chapter 3: The 12 Rays and the 7 Cosmic Planes

Chapter 4: The Building of the Atom

Chapter 5: Atomic Evolution Upon the Cosmic Planes

Chapter 6: The Beginnings of a Solar System

Chapter 7: The Evolution of a Solar System

Chapter 8: The Evolution of a Great Entity

Chapter 9: The Creation of a Universe

Chapter 10: The Beginnings of Consciousness

Chapter 11: The Evolution of Consciousness

Chapter 12: The Beginnings of Mind

Chapter 13: The Evolution of the Divine Sparks

Chapter 14: The Evolution of a Planetary Spirit

Chapter 15: Evolution of the Lords of Flame, Form and Mind

Chapter 16: The Influences of the Lords of Flame, Form and Mind

Chapter 17: The Lords of Mind as Initiators

Chapter 18: Influences Acting Upon Human Evolution

Chapter 19: The Logoidal Relationship to the Manifested Universe

Chapter 20: Influences of the Manifested Universe - Part One

Chapter 21: Influences of the Manifested Universe - Part Two


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