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I'm totally new to Daoism, QiGong etc. At 25 years old, I want to finally start doing something with my life apart from working and watching tv. I am obviously now interested in QiGong. I want to be able to start out as a beginner should be starting out (slowly and not going overboard which will most likely lead to dropping it shortly after). My ultimate goal is to achieve the so called true enlightenment that is often talked about but rarely understood. I understand that QiGong can indeed lead to this, but that it is quite a bit specialized compared to most of the other phases of QiGong (but that you must still start at the beginning).


My goal is to learn online for 3-5 years some of the basics (I will be asking what websites etc would be best for this) while I save up my money and would ideally then like to travel somewhere in the world to meet with a legitimate master who can give what only 'in person' training can give (i'll also be asking about recommended retreats/masters/teachers). I like the romanticized notion of taking up a 5 year 'discipleship' retreat, but lets just see how the free online resources go first lol.


That is all I can think of for now lol. Thanks!

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