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I came across this forum whilst whimsically? searching for possible illumination on a personal query regarding experiences wu-wei/ jin-jing /ming-men and nei gong ie jing-chi-shen movement and back nature. Many opinions expressed and personal anecdotes strongly upheld. No wonder the ancient masters loved to secrete their wisdom in beguiling and flowery metaphor. We in the west now have access to a beguiling and disorenting smorgasbord array of spiritual persuit options. Hunting for "truth and way" on the internet serves me up some insight into "how it is now in society"- bang slap in the middle of Kali Yug! Babylonia civilisation has arisen once again only this time across the entire planet. We are at odds in understanding one another as infereral gets lost at the point of interpretation-  communicators intended meaning often goes awry at the point of filtration in the conditioned mind of the interpreter. VIa language we continually misinterpret each other, sometimes just a bit,  many times completely... perhaps this more than any other reason is why it is so important to connect with a true teacher (whatever one interprets that to mean!) And if one is ever so fortunate enough to find one... only then through energetic transference or 'transmission' or none verbal understanding that wisdom embodiment can if the conditions are right, be acheived. But so many seekers and so few teachers to go around (that are at least adequately mature and attained enought to be of genuine valuable wisdom, morality and energetic purity) that we are truly living in a time where we are left with no other reasonable place to go but inwards and learn to trust our own inner wisdom. Ironically in my own experience this only begins to bare fruit when one is able to learn to properly still and quiet the ever grasping mind and psyche... 

Thank you for your time given if you read this as it has no intrinsic meaning and I'm not sure if I have come to the right place even? 

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