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senseless virtue

Flea Market Sale for the Glory of Mo Pai Level 3 Instuctions

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I am desperately needing more money to purchase Mo Pai level 3 instructions that were offered to me.


Therefore I will have to sell all my other wares in order to chase that pie in the sky.


Serious offers only. PayPal preferred, but I can also barter for cool stuff like Thomas Cleary's translations, quality I Ching and Fengshui books, rare Pokémon cards, and advanced Mo Pai instructions.



Qigong Empowerment, book by Master Shou-Yu Liang and Mr Wen-Ching Wu


All sorts of cool named stuff in this book. However, I really am wondering about some of the claims and instructions given regarding the so-called Tantric Qigong.


1. Dzogchen is not tantra.
2. The Great Perfection (i.e. Dzogchen) is not accomplished by drawing energy dots from the sky into one's crown.
3. Visualizing oneself as a (fierce) yidam/deity is a no-no. I am not entirely sure why, but this is what the actual Buddhist teachers insist requiring an initiation.


Summary: the author presents some hilarious and baffling statements regarding basic Vajrayana Buddhist concepts. I didn't consult other segments of the book to comment on further oddities.


I cannot guarantee that practicing this book will not give you the same supposed health benefits as inferior, less than 3rd, level More Pie teachings whose author Jim McMillan died of prostrate cancer.



Taoist Feces Exercise, DVD by Xuan Tongzi


The truth is that I only bought this DVD for giggles and to see what is here. Now I am more giggly about Mo Pai teachings, so this one has to go to the loo.


There's a fairly standard set of daoyin exercises presented here. I remember neck exercises and variations of Taiji cloud hands done in bow stance. Unfortunately viewing the DVD wasn't enough, and I still felt shit inside.


I cannot guarantee that practicing this DVD will not make your turds pretzel shaped.


Liangong, book + DVD set by Gerald A. Sharp


I really liked this practice, and I gave it a go for few weeks. Simple and efficient daoyin inspired qigong that has a unique take on posture improvement via lifting the sternum in nearly all of the exercises.


It's just too bad this wasn't the true Mo Pai teaching I was looking for.



More stuff to be added later, please check back!

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I propose that we pool our knowledge and create level 72 and sell it for 100 million to the WMP wannabes. I am absolutely certain that is a fair trade. Then buy this forum! :lol:

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