Tip of tounge behind lower front teeth

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Can anybody give some info as to why is it a no no while practicing?

I know each specific exercise requires a specific tounge position, but I never come across anything on this.(And I correctly practice per instructions, all on roof on mouth)

But placing the tip behind lower front teeth actually did good to me while practicing certain hand mudra meds, both sitting and standing, and besides other goodies, channelled excess Qi down via the front channel.


Please don’t advise me to find a teacher or if you really do not know. 😃


Thanks very much to all, and have a wonderful new year.

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The tongue touching the upper palate (right in the ridge where your tongue touches When you say “life”) results in splitting your energy into yin and yang. When you don’t have your tongue up, yin and yang are “mixed”. When you have your tongue up, yin and yang are separated. 

Some types of practices require the separation of substantial and insubstantial for cultivation exercises. Some don’t. 

I do some meditations with tongue down when I’m working on the mind aspect (letting the mind settle). I have the tongue up  when I’m working on the energy aspect (taijiquan, neigong etc). 

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Master Zhou explained it to me this way.


Hold tongue to roof of mouth on inhale, energy rises up Du.

On exhale, move tongue to touch lower teeth.  Energy flows down Ren to Lower Dan Tien. 


More specifically he said:

Moving tongue to the lower teeth closes the gap in the circuit.  For our MCO on exhale we use the following points of the Ren Channel, starting at Bai Hui (thousand lotus point top of skull), energy flows to Mi Zhong (between eyebrows), then San Jen (dimple at juncture between lower lip and chin) with tongue to lower teeth, Tan Zhong (center of chest), coming to rest in Lower Dan Tien.


There is a gap in the circuit between Mi Zhong and San Jen that is completed when the tongue touches the lower teeth and assists energy flow down Ren channel through San Jen, Tan Zhong to finish in Lower Dan Tien.


Here's a picture that shows the gap:  (Terms here are different from my school but the points correspond.)




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