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Solar Qigong by Sifu Wing Cheung

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I am selling a legit PDF describing a Solar Qigong training. I will not keep any copy to myself, and I expect that you respect the copyright of the teacher also. Otherwise, shoo, go away.




Personal observations:

  • You need to be able to commit yourself to practice with early morning sun because otherwise the meaning becomes severely diluted. I couldn't make it fit with my busy lifestyle.
  • The manual is level 1, so the art described in the manual is not complete. Remaining levels 2 and three 3 are taught only at semi-private retreats ($$$!) where the teacher makes sure you really master the foundational techniques before teaching additional steps because they can be dangerous if done wrong.
  • There is an interesting technique to rehearse for bigu by ingesting solar energy, but it is only level 1 and incomplete.
  • If you like basic mantras OM A HUM and simple visualizations, then this might be what you are looking for.
  • Training with sunlight may give you some capacity to charge with luminous energy.


Don't ask me about my experiences. I bought it for a future opportunity with lots of free time, but things don't always go as planned. Still it was very interesting to see on the manual what type of methods the style is using. I am sure it would work because it has all the correct elements and resembles some other arts I train or have trained.

I can sell via PayPal or exchange for some interesting product (such as book or DVD). Only serious offers please!

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