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Write a Haiku?

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eternal is the

true king, of the universe

thats right, just one verse


yin yin yin yoga

now here love reality

yoooooooooooooooooooga ecstacy


breath only two time

timeless minute finiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yin yang the fives gates


gold grow from shit cow

voyage the universe now

eternal winners


jing chi shen flowing

7 seas washing away

breath body posture


3 trinities good

make map of universes

goooooooooooooooo to the center


spiral in my nuts

now my bones can breath better

i am immortal


god loves taoists more

4 dimensional life art

cosmic healing 2


my fingers my toes

from eternity they flow crownd

always the present


dont say the word i

and your ego will bounce

i and i and i


dont say the word i

and YOUR ego will bounce now

dont think the word i


who cares what they think

i care what we think right now

Thich Nhat Hanh, the man


praise be jah jah jah

king of kings, ruler is crownd

matisyahu sings

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It is ungraspable and unattainable

Yet we try to grasp and attain it


It is the unborn and undying

Yet we give birth to it and kill it


It flies in the ocean

and it it swims in the air


We say one but is it really two?

When birds fly their consciousness is free


When humans strive their consciousness is caged


How can you possibly speak a word of truth

in this boundless ocean of light rays?

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One more proclamation of ignorance..


Is Samsara Nirvana?

Or is Nirvana Samsara?

I keep fogetting...

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Man, this is addictive..


My understanding of the Tao is shallow

Like a piece of fruit that has not yet ripened


True understanding is clear and removes all doubt

False understanding is superficial and reduntant


Water flows, fire burns

do what your doing while you are doing it


Trust the Tao and trust youself

A wise man trusts deeply and is trusted deeply


A disliked man mistrusts everything


When you see with one eye

The false and true are distinguished


Speaking of this

I have no understanding


Like a child talking about the world of men

Like an old man speaking of his youth


Only direct understanding has value

words and concepts are another realm

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