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How to OPEN HEART to Heal Heartbreak of Inferior Men Like Me?

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Hello All,


I am a man who can be considered to be inferior to other men.


For more than 2 decades now, I have been unemployed, my face has lots of acne scars, I speak with a slight stammer sometimes.


I have no energy to work or even read and watch movies on the internet nowadays.


My guides are telling me that in this life, I have been destined to be an inferior man to other more superior men and because I am an inferior man, I have problems finding love in my heart to love beautiful women who can open up my heart even more.


This is because too many beautiful women or should I say all beautiful women only look at superior men and hardly any beautiful women will give me the time of the day.


So may I ask all involved.. how can I OPEN HEART to Heal My Heartbreak?


More to come..

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