2 steps forward and 1 step back

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Hello all, 

I have been wandering around this site for quite some time and finally decided I need to join. 


I’m not sure where to start but I feel frustrated. My teacher is a Kahuna master whom is also a teacher of qi. He is amazing and has taught me so much. He has also recently given me permission to teach. 


My issue is I became ill 6 months ago and with his help I was back to healthy again in no time. However, this past week all of those old problems (ills) have started to return.


I thought I was done with this. A few things to note. 


- I have 2 young children and my daily routine has become less daily. I replaced it with yoga to prepare myself for full lotus position. 


- I know now this was a big mistake. My teacher has now left the country and I am a little lost. Any help? 

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