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How soon they grow up.

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Seems like just a few years ago a mates son was  a primary school pudgeball - didnt do much ,  the usual modern kids stuff, usually gaming on a screen or something when I saw him. Back then, I was doing a bit of weapons training with his dad - who is  HUGE . Mum is tallish too, and a stunner.   He didnt want to join in  weapons with us though .  At that time I was partying on with them a lot and having great fun .


Then I remember him being a little older, him and dad had trial bikes together .   The he seemed to have 'stretched' somewhat, and last time I saw him a few months back , in our local  country town, I thought he was vary tall, dressed  'Interestingly' (which I assumed was a 'fashion' thing  -  the kids in town often 'experiment' ).


Today I see he is all of a sudden 'internationally hot' and has landed on the cat walk in Milan strutting in the  latest  'revelations'         They all goo goo about him . 


I still have vivid memories  of him as that little kid (and younger)  funny for me to now see this ;











Oh dear !       :D   -   ' I have just been kicked in the balls pants '    .     Ah well, thats the fashion biz             -    good luck to him, hope they are paying him well .   


The Milan photos are all over my friends face book stuff, but I dont do face book  - they younger ones  tell me though  "   he is 'smokin'   "  .







 His mum will be LOVING this !     She be over there hitting on the all the free 'champie'  and lapping up the glam no doubt  .

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How tall is he? Can you ask him if I can get that jumpsuit from the second photo when he's done with it? And those glasses, shit, those glasses...

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I dot think they would suit you .    A walker might need something less encumbering around the leg zone ;





or this






I hope they are paying him  'silly  pants bonus '    :)



Who knows what the future holds for him ..... 






(Wait !  Is he wearing 'lower thigh pads'   ! ?      :huh: )





Urrrgh !   No comment !




Accordion pants  ???    I wonder if they make sound as you walk along  ?






Yes, apparently now, knee (and elbow) pads are a  '  thing ' ?





So   - what do the women here think of these sexy men's fashions  ? 




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