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Xingyi and Bagua DVDs

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I have the following available for sale and provided original links where I could and share my thoughts. I wish I could hang on to all of these but medical leave for the last two months has made selling these a necessity. I already gave some of my other stuff as gifts this year.


Bagua Power Training DVD in case + free bonus Alex Kozma Cheng Bagua Basics in disc envelope - $35 shipped in US


Gerald Sharp's Bagua Power Training is really good stuff - gave me new insight to how to train this material with my local instructor. It's nice to see that the bagua standing meditation and neigong matches up with the 8 basic palms presented in the Old 8 Palms DVDs. Many of the bagua cultivation exercises are flow drills for some of the tougher spots in the Old 8 Palms or maybe those are considered the core movements from their lineage for those palms.


The Cheng set from Alex Kozma was largely disappointing due to sound quality issues. What he shows with his students are great baguazhang basics even if you can't really hear it. This is the first disc from his 3 disc set.


Bagua Old 8 Palms 2 DVD set in case - $45 shipped in US


Gerald breaks down the Old 8 Palms in a way very few ever see. He's showing indoor body mechanics and flavors of movement that I did not even get eyes on until training bagua for about four years. He gives you the 8 basic palms of the style, stepping methods, and even has a very helpful slow motion demonstration on the second disc. It's refreshing to see someone demo a lot of the wrestling and ground applications this art was famous for. The footage of Zou Shuxian (Jiang's adopted daughter) performing the more advanced palms was very helpful to understand how someone with a smaller body type like myself might perform this set.


Xingyi Mother Fists I and II in case and Yiquan Volume II in disc envelope - $65 shipped in US


The Xingyi Mother Fists material is probably the closest related material to the Kenny Gong line of xingyiquan. I saw different takes on the same exercises I was taught and it really gave me some new insight to where my own practice can go. This really is quality material and Gerald shows the flavor of Jiang Rong Qiao's xingyiquan from the latter portion of his life. I really enjoyed the narrative that he gives the five elements linking form.


I have the 2nd disc from his comprehensive Yiquan set included with this. I think the sounds of xingyiquan are super important to connecting to the xingyiquan lineage energies and this is the first time I've seen this material. It dovetails in perfectly with the material from the Mother Fists set as you'll eventually be doing the toning practices in the Mother Fist stances.


If you want to combine 2 of these I'll take $5 off or all three I'll take $10 off for shipping together. I strongly prefer Zelle but also accept PayPal.

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