Advaita Vedanta and Kungfu - An Article by Huai Hsiang Wang

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Truth is an eternal journey of joyously allowed being and becoming in full effortlessly, joyously, naturally, full allowed harmony and alignment with with the Source of All Creation, as your joyous being and becoming evermore here and now. As your natural state of being.


Not only is there not one truth, not two truth's not three, not four... There are infinite truth's. Being and becoming evermore.


The guidance, is from your own greater non-physical consciousness, which holds all that you want to be do or have evermore for you, allowing its being and becoming evermore for you, naturally and effortlessly and joyously, and offers you evermore here and now, your path of least resistance towards your evermore greater allowed realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, as your natural and effortless and flawless emotional guidance system, through which you always have acces to infinite intelligence and eternal wisdom, evermore here and now.


For your joyous being and becoming evermore here and now.

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