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Full Moon before Equinox = very strong qi energy right now

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Enjoy the central channel heart pineal gland magnetic bliss qi charge right now!

features this teacher of Bruce Lee!





Was Bruce Lee impressed watching your students practice?

GFM: I don’t think so. Not many people have seen or understand this rare system. The power in the techniques is hidden. Bruce remarked on the similarity between Praying Mantis and Wing Chun. He wanted to have a match with one of my students, to which I readily agreed.
ME: What happened?
GFM: Neither Bruce nor my student could gain an advantage; it was a draw. Bruce asked me how long the student had studied. I replied about a year. Then, I demonstrated some advanced techniques and weapons. I asked him if he would like to try my hands. He declined, out of respect, and said he was interested in studying with me.
ME: What do you think impressed him?
GFM: My short power, especially in using weapons. Unlike many other systems, the weapons are used just like our empty hands techniques, without large, swinging motions. Most people don’t have short power, because they don’t practice short power enough. My instructors didn’t show me any weapon’s form for six years. Instead, I had to practice cutting bamboo, melons, potatoes, etc.
ME: What did you first teach Bruce Lee?
GFM: I changed his horse and footwork. The Praying Mantis horse is different than the Wing Chun horse. Bruce held his hands too close to his chest. I had him extend his hands out further, with his strongest hand leading, like a southpaw. I showed him how to use and generate short power.
ME: After studying awhile, what did Bruce Lee think of your system?
GFM: He became interested, because he noticed that it contained all of the Wing Chun techniques and ideas: economy, directness, control of the center, sticky hands, etc. He liked the way the techniques were executed- each technique flowed into the next turning the opponent’s strength against him.
ME: What did Bruce Lee think about Wing Chun?
GFM: He thought it was a very good system. However, it specialized in close in fighting. Its footwork was not varied enough and there were not enough kicks. He considered modifying Wing Chun to include these elements.
ME: Praying Mantis is a southern system. Does it have many kicks?
GFM: Praying Mantis has as many kicks as most northern systems or Taekwondo. The kicks fascinated Bruce. In fact, the sweeping front kick to the opponent’s lower leg appears in many of his movies.


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3 hours ago, dmattwads said:

So that's why it was difficult to sleep last night.

me too.  Up at 3:30am and that was that.   Double the energy cause big storm was going on.

Got in some meditation though. 

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