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The secret of Yang Shen and the Hun Soul revealed

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In the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality the "Hun Soul" is considered to be yin shen but when the eyes are turned downward and closed - then the yang shen is developed. In a Ph.D. thesis I read recently - the Hun Soul is considered to be yang shen. This is the reason why - due to the alchemical transformation from the meditation process with the eyes closed.


I did a blog post on this for those interested - just scroll way down.


So that was almost two weeks ago.



The three forms of medicine, the three jewels, or the three primes, became equated with essence (jing), qi, and spirit (shen) all of which are permutations of basic qi, each one being in a more rarefied and therefore more celestial or holy state.


p. 25,

Paul B.M. Crowe,
Master of Arts Thesis, University of British Columbia, 1997

So that is another term for "yuan qi."

citing the Ph.D. thesis of  "paul benjamin michael crowe"


The lungs correspond to metal. Metal originally sinks. On account of what is it yet able to float? The liver corresponds to wood. Wood originally floats. On account of what is it yet able to sink?...

The lungs being caused to receive qi have yi wood located within and so it floats. The liver being caused to receive qi has geng metal located within and so it sinks.


So then it is explained through hexagrams. p. 69...

metal turns into Kan when it produces water in the north. Within Kan there is true fire that floats. Zhen as wood hexagram with the solid lower lines produces the fire of the south as Li, that floats. The true water within Li causes it to sink.
Medicinally Lead as Metal sinks but then manifesting fire is then floats.
Mercury associated with wood floats but then manifesting water it then sinks.



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