Interesting interview on Batgap - A tantric view of chakras

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Summarizing the following from the interview for those who don't have the patience to watch the whole thing --


  • Beside the 7 major chakras, the interviewee suggests that there are "micro-chakras". There are 147 in total, of which ~ 50 are along the spine in the back and are entry points of spiritual light in the system. They feed the chakras, which are vortices of light. 
  • Beside the Ida (Left) Pingala (Right) and Sushumna (Central) channels, there are three subtle channels that exist within the Sushumna (Central channel).
    • Each major chakra exists in the intersection of these three subtle channels 
    • Each major chakra has 7 micro-chakras corresponding to each of the 3 subtle channels within the central channel. 
      • Therefore, there are 147 micro-chakras 

Very interesting given that recently my master talked about 2 such points in the neck. One right below the jade pillow and the other one around the point where the cervical and thoracic vertebrae meet. He said the one below the jade pillow is where the sunlight is ingested. The one between the cervical and thoracic vertebrae is the point of primordial light's entry into the system. One of our drills is to now inhale/exhale from these two points. 


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