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You’ve probably seen the interview here of Professor Dao, aka, Livia Kohn. If not  I am sure you are familiar with Livia’s incredible work, both her original translations and many commentaries.


Livia may be the most influential Taoist influence in the United States today. She should be, IMO, as she seems to be the best informed.  Moreover she is the rare academic scholar PhD who is also a sincere practitioner.


I can’t wait to meet Kohn in the afternoon of September 15th in Winter Park, Florida. You are invited to join with me, meet her, experience for yourself her energy, her practitioner skills. She has agreed to speak and show us a few things. It will be a small private group, first come first serve, but we may have some gates.


Spontaneous community gatherings with senior practitioners like this are a rare opportunity to connect with the Dao. 


Contact me for more information.

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I met her at a workshop many years ago.

The topic was female perspectives on Daoist practice.

I'm not female, nor was I then, but I signed up because it was the only workshop she was offering that weekend and I really wanted to meet her! Needless to say she was a wealth of information and I had a wonderful experience.

I mainly kept my mouth shut, listened, and learned. 


We then had a chance to chat informally at the end and it was really a delight.

Have a wonderful time.

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