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Coming back to it

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Hello, I live in Belgium, I'm French speaking. A long time ago, I was interested in "all those things" . Somehow, my curiosity brought me to other things and I drifted away. A few weeks ago, a discussion with a friend rekindled my interest. I reread a book of Isabelle Robinet : History of Taoism (that's the title in French), and a book of Catherine Despeux (The Qigong of Zhou Lüjing). I am now reading the translation of the Zhuangzi  by Jean Levi. At the same time, I have started again -- very very slowly -- to learn classical Chinese. I do it by reading the DDJ using the Ricci dictionary. Apart from that, I practice taichi and qigong regularly, I'm very interested in MTC and Zhouyi/Yijing); I was a reader of Pregadio and Livia Kohn, but forgot probably most of the things I have read.

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