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A weird dream

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I just had a weird and cool dream which felt like a movie almost.

Actually it felt so much like a movie that when I woke up my first thoughts were where can I finish this? This is such a cool story.


Now, most of the time movies are just stories of the mind or symbolism or the odd intuitive dream; but this felt different. The level of detail I remember is incredible, and the story of the movie doesn't relate to any idea I ever had.

It is really like I tuned into the brain of a writer and watched the story through their fantasy.


The story itself was scifi/supernatural and had something to do with going undeground (like 20 stories or something) and being in a world that according to the other person in the dream was described as a "1950's type of world". I remember all kind of weird details, from the cars being stick shift to one of the other characters having something in her right earlobe that looked like 2 big pills. She claimed to be working undercover for the government and she also claimed that people could not stand to spend more then a couple days down here. (reason was not being given).

She on the other hand craved being here and felt uncomfortable on top.


If any of this sounds familiar and I am just dreaming of a netflix series that exist please tell me. :D I don't watch any kind of tv.


The dream itself was cool, but the creepy thing is; where does it come from? Why is it so detailed and clear and feels like some kind of movie?

I know dreams are weird and symbolic and stuff but this seems even more weird and counter intuitive than some of the premonition dreams that I sometimes have. Just because they seem so trivial.


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