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Ego-World Shock & Trauma

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I caught a snippet of the new Catch 22 series.

One of the ideas that was exposited was in relation to armies learning to march.  Up and down, left and right, wheel here, wheel there.  Arm swings should be 7" arcs, 4" from the waist.

What the hell ?
And what was expressed is that you are broken by being forced to do totally meaningless things, and after that, you will do anything they tell you.

And the more meaningless the better, the more unnatural and contrary to natural law, the better.

After that you will do anything.

It is not about learning useful activities, but being forced to go completely against your natural self, only then can you be trusted to be soul-less.


This is one of the things that the false-people do, in order that they don't feel uncomfortable by anyone around them being conscious.

And this I believe destroys souls on earth.   Destruction through ... banality.


And I believe that many political ideas that are totally contrary to natural law, are devised by false-people-politicians for the same reason; to destroy consciousness in society, to protect the falseness.

A dangerous world.


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