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@Pilgrim, thanks for asking me to post something about the earths 4th chakra. In my travails I have heard the 4th earth chakra casually called the Jade Emperor, it is possibly nicknamed the Jade Emperor because of some earlier visitors to the chakra, who must have also experienced the same powerful green hue emanating from the entrance/gate to the chakra, that I did. If and when I make it into the 4th earth chakra then hopefully there will be more info to post.

While stuck out side of the chakra, and soaking up some of the green rays, I  chatted with the gate keeper (who told me that I wasn't ready to go in yet), I also managed to snatch a tempting look inside. It must have been the green rays or something because for a while after my return from that excursion I went straight vegan, that is until I started to get sick from lack of meat/protein. :)




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Expanded view:

After receiving a question from a DBs member who mentioned that he didn't know much about earths chakras, I decided to go over some of what I know and have experienced within some of the earth chakras.

earths 1st chakra (e-chk1), From my personal experience I would suggest avoiding e-chk1, I mean go hiking past

e-chk1, in fact I recommend  mount Shasta as a pleasant place to visit, however I would also recommend that shaman and other spirit questers consider avoiding entering into the red keep (as I call it) of e-chk1, while in there it was made clear to me that they do not like/want any uninvited visitors entering through accidental openings at least at this time. There gate guardian also has a tool with tremendous power and the ability to back up the non trespassing agenda.


Experience e-chk1, I was on a spirit quest 'looking to discover the whereabouts of a certain spirit that I had worked with in the past', when all of a sudden I came upon a opening between dimensions (I had heard about such a ^^^opening, but I had never seen one like it before or since), I took this as a opportunity to go deep in my search for the missing spirit, and so I Passed through this apparent accidental entrance and began taking in the view, 'once I had fully Passed through the jagged entrance several things happened all at once, things that I can't mention in a post'.

It was while in this spacious red toned area, that I looked but I did not find the spirit that I had came thorough the opening to find, however I did receive a initiation, (that would have been cool with me, 'to just walk into a initiation) but I did not like the part were I would not have been allowed to  *leave the area of e-chk1 without taking said initiation, oh ya and also having to successfully passing the test that followed:o). 

^^^'the opening having been reported to have been blasted out in a recent (within a few decades) duel between mages, who were fighting over, who gets to keep both halves of a lantern staff, and be able to use the scepter of power, that is the bottom half of said staff'

*I have heard that with certain types of shaman travelings if you don't get back to your body after a certain amount of time it can be bad for your body, I did not want to put this knowledge to the test. 


earths 2nd chakra (e-chk2), From my personal experience I enjoyed the beauty  and splendor of e-chk2, the friendly atmosphere is similar  to what you would except in a lower heavenly realm. There is a catch though, while the new gate garden is everything one could expect from a beautiful fully formed functional angel, he does sit on a thrown 'formed from the prior horned #gate guardian who is very fear some to look upon (the condition of the former gate guardian was already that way when he took over the chakra, it is difficult to explain unless you actually see the arrangement). Have no real fears about the old horned gate guardian, being eternal he has the right to stay within the domain of the chakra (its a unseen world thing, ok), but he has been subjugated just enough to mediate his aggressive tendency's, and he is not currently a threat unless of course you where to upset the new gate guardian. Politeness and comfort is the moto of this chakra along with its current more excess-able renovations, which take the discomfort out of entering the chakra from the old days of having to take the hazardous crossing of the *river styx in a leaky reed boat, which has now been replaced by ##a white simple normal looking door entry way, wherein you will be greeted by one of two friendly lesser angles, who will escort you into the thrown room to meat the gate garden and to receive a personal evaluation of your ability to pass through e-chk2.

* (sometimes called the river of earths black blood, and is said to be connected to a goddess in some way). 'In Greek mythology, the River Styx plays an important role in the geography of the underworld. When souls enter the territory of Hades, they must pay Charon, the ferryman, a fee in order to cross the Styx. It is the boundary that separates the world of the living from the world of the ^^dead.'

^^(I like to think of the dead as, not currently physical)

##the bold typing was added because in a post I was asked to describe more about the entry ways into spiritual temples=Because each earth chakra entry way is formed by - a 'Egregore, Folk Soul, Gistalt/tuple-and they have furnished looking interiors, along with a gate gardenia(s), and Angeles in attendance. In my opinion many earth chakras qualify as a type of spirit world temple.

In my experience: There are other types of spirit temples, but I generally only frequently mention the earth chakras because of the incredible and seeming impossible requirements to get into the one other spirit world temple, that I know of.


Earth chakra 3: suspend disbelief, our local earth e-chk3 is ready and weighting for you to physicals visit it, actually located on the earths physical plane the restored e-chk3, has been brought back in a humble but functional form, after having been totally destroyed many millennium ago.

It is necessary for you to make the effort to find

the physical location and then present yourself to the collective mind of e-chk3 as your own personal challenge. (the physical base of

e-chk3 has not moved from its original location in (Australia). But the earthly power effects and the control of the collective mind has moved and been established in a new location that provides sufficient support from the surrounding population.

I can tell you that the physical appearance of the edifice that are built as focus points, will not be anything that you expect. it has a dhyanalinga and a circular path for you to walk in and to meditate so that you can connect with higher consciousness.

You can find It on the southern part of a continent north of where the original e-chk3 is located.

There are many people who have located themselves next to e-chk3s and who are enjoying the benefits of its emanations, while having no Real clue of why or what it is that is befitting them. There are already dogmas and all kinds of traditions forming up around it. There is a physical gate guardian who was chosen from several earthly candidates. He was selected because he worked with the gods in its relocation and his spirit guides (have worked for several generations) to restore the earths e-chk3. This physical gate guardian will also have the first write of refusal to become the spirit/unseen world gate guardian once he passes from his physical life.

As the physical gait guardian now, his job is not to go against peoples free agency with his chosen traditions, but to keep the outer physically manifested form of the chakra intact.

If he is bending to the traditions and the current will of the peoples superstitions, then it is on him and them. 

In my experience: when dealing with a powerful force like the one emanating from being in the direct presents of e-chk3, it is best to start meditations with a declaration of your personal sovereignty, so that you can come away with all of the knowledge and power from the connection, but with your individual person hood and equanimity intact. Saying it again on purpose: not becoming a servant to any of the powers that be, starts always with a declaration of the sovereignty of your person-hood, this is respected, and will gather to You a definitive kind of regenerative, self actualizing power, else if you stay huddled and focused within the masses then you could wind up only receiving the level of regeneration and power that the masses are able and willing to receive.laylines.jpg.2789694f9da9550821300eb684d928c1.jpg:)


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Thanks to someone(s) enthusiasm at DBs I am posting a update on my reflections while progressing in my passing into Earth Chakra 4.

I am encouraged by any interest in Earth Chakras. It has been the underlying focus of my lifes work to prepare and pass through the Earth Chakras. I am currently studying the protocols, rules, and procedures as I am passing into Earth Chakra 4 (it is all OJT, with 'no prior information available'). I am encouraged by a incurring occasional tint of green ray serving to outline the background of my meditative trances, 'called samadhi by some', but with the addition of a force of will 'from a presetting tech. (called a rune spell by some ', that passes through the opened channel of the self and goes on to produce its designed effects (through the actions of my (reflection)) within the unseen world/(on the other side of the abyss). 

The gate guardian is still working with me, but in fact I find his assistance some what distracting to my efforts of passage. I allow his presents while his information is still fourth cumming and of good effect. (as I mentioned in a earlier post different thread having a gate guardian that is enthused to help and not hinder, is a novelty for me.)

bottom line: I am keeping up the pressure during my trances and passing slowly (watching grass grow is faster:blink:) through the green rays of the entrance.:)

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