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@Pilgrim, thanks for asking me to post something about the earths 4th chakra. In my travails I have heard the 4th earth chakra casually called the Jade Emperor, it is possibly nicknamed the Jade Emperor because of some earlier visitors to the chakra, who must have also experienced the same powerful green hue emanating from the entrance/gate to the chakra, that I did. If and when I make it into the 4th earth chakra then hopefully there will be more info to post.(progress made: more info posted below this post)

While stuck out side of the chakra, and soaking up some of the green rays, I  chatted with the gate keeper (who told me that I wasn't ready to go in yet), I also managed to snatch a tempting look inside. It must have been the green rays or something because for a while after my return from that excursion I went straight vegan, that is until I started to get sick from lack of protein. chakras-of-the-earthSmall.jpg.9c952a7d66c3c1008748fc5b53cfd96a.jpg

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Expanded view:(Note: Some say that the earths chakras are in a different Number order, so it is best to go by location and chakra collar that I have tried to include in my comments.)

After receiving a question from a DBs member who mentioned that he didn't know much about earths chakras, I decided to go over some of what I know and have experienced within some of the earth chakras.

Note: I talk about earth chk from what I know from within the unseen world view of the earths chks. Any comments that I make about the physical view or where the different earth chks are located is not nervelessly accurate (with maybe the exception of earth chk 3 were I give a general location). earths 1st chakra (e-chk1), From my personal experience I would suggest avoiding e-chk1, I mean go hiking past

e-chk1, in fact I recommend  mount Shasta as a pleasant place to visit, however I would also recommend that shaman and other spirit questers consider avoiding entering into the red keep (as I call it) of e-chk1, while in there it was made clear to me that they do not like/want any uninvited visitors entering through accidental openings at least at this time. There gate guardian also has a tool (Was-scepter) with tremendous power and the ability to back up the non trespassing agenda.StaffControl.jpg.fe038492e47c8601b167b244f55bff04.jpg


Experience e-chk1, I was on a spirit quest 'looking to discover the whereabouts of a certain spirit that I had spent time with in the past', when all of a sudden I came upon a blasted/torn opening between dimensions (I had heard about such a ^^^opening, but I had never seen one like it before or since), I took this as a opportunity to go deep in my search for the missing spirit, and so I Passed through this apparent accidental entrance and began taking in the view. After searching about for a while several things happened all at once, that I can't mention in a post'.

It was while in this spacious red toned area, where I was looking for the missing spirit, that I did receive a initiation, (that would have been cool with me, 'to just walk into a initiation) but I did not like the part were the gate guardian told me that I would not be allowed to  *leave the area of e-chk1 without taking said initiation. (A short comment on the initiation: I was told to hold a big snake in my left hand, while it hissed powerfully toward a large item (Djed) that I was told to hold in my right handEgyptionPicturesHandheld.jpg.05704305cff4108aa02b76cb6ef9aee9.jpg.fb36a9f5ebbbbb92ceb3106e8db57dc5.jpg

after a moment the ancient item that I was holding began vibrating fiercely apparently from the power of the snakes hissing, at that point the gate guardian standing behind me while holding me steady with the u shaped part of the staff, said 'you are initiated', oh ya, cool thought I, but then I also had to successfully pass the Intense test that followed:o). 

^^^'the opening having been reported to have been blasted out in a recent (within a few decades) duel between mages, who were fighting over, who gets to keep both halves of a lantern staff'.

*I have heard that with certain types of shaman travelings if you don't get back to your body after a certain amount of time it can be bad for your body, I did not want to put this knowledge to the test. 


earths 2nd chakra (e-chk2) reported to be located in South America and have a orangey glow about it-it looked more whitish to me, From my personal experience I enjoyed the beauty  and splendor of e-chk2, the friendly atmosphere is similar  to what you would except in a lower heavenly realm. There is a catch though, while the new gate guardian is everything one could expect from a beautiful fully formed functional angel, he does sit on a thrown 'formed from the prior horned #gate guardian who is very fear some to look upon (the condition of the former gate guardian having been turned into a throne was already done and appearing that way when the new good looking gate guardian took over the chakra. (The condition of the old gate guardian is difficult to explain unless you actually see the arrangement). But visitors don't need to have any real fears about the old horned gate guardian. He survives within the earth chakra because being eternal he has the right to stay within the domain of the chakra (its a unseen world thing, OK), but he has been subjugated just enough to mediate his aggressive tendency's, and he is not currently a threat unless of course you where to upset the *^^new gate guardian who is now in-charge of this earth chakra #2. Politeness and comfort is the motto of this chakra #2 along with its current more excess-able renovations, which take the discomfort out of entering the chakra from the old days of having to take the hazardous crossing of the *river styx in a leaky reed boat, which has now been replaced by ##a white simple normal looking door entry way, wherein you will be greeted by one of two friendly lesser angles, who will escort you into the thrown room to meat the gate guardian and to receive a personal evaluation of your ability to complete the passage through e-chk2.

* (sometimes called the river of earths black blood, and is said to be connected to a goddess in some way). 'In Greek mythology, the River Styx plays an important role in the geography of the underworld. When souls enter (Cross Over, sometimes called the crossing) the territory of Hades, they must pay Charon, the ferryman, a fee in order to cross the Styx. It is the boundary that separates the world of the living from the world of the ^^dead.' (bold indicates added text)

^^(I like to think of the dead as, not currently physical)

##this bold typing was added because in a post I was asked to describe more about the entry ways into spiritual temples=Because each earth chakra entry way is formed within - a 'Egregore, Folk Soul, Gestalt/tuple-many have furnished looking interiors, along with gate guardian(s), and Angel(s) in attendance. In my opinion many earth chakras qualify as a type of spirit world temple, and some as passageways.

In my experience: There are other types of spirit temples, but I generally only mention the earth chakras because of the incredible and seeming impossible requirements to get into the one other spirit world temple, that I know of.

*^^The new gate guardian took charge of earth chk #2, by the completion of the 4 blood moons Sept. 2015

Earth chakra 3 with a hint of a yellowish hew: suspend disbelief, our local earth e-chk3 is recreated, ready and weighting for you to physically visit it, access to e-chk3 actual spirit out put is actually located on the earths physical plane the restored e-chk3, has been brought back in a humble but functional form, after having been totally destroyed many millennium ago.

If choosing to physically visit the area of e-chk3 It is necessary for you to make the effort to find

the physical location and then present yourself to the collective/physical gate guardian that has been founded there. If you make up your mind to search for e-chk3 as part of your own personal challenge. (NOTE: the physical base of e-chk3 has not moved from its original location in (Australia). But the earthly power effects and the control of the collective Head and focus of the spirit power landing zone/focus of the folk soul e-chk3 mind has moved and been established in a new location that provides sufficient support from the surrounding population.

I can tell you that the physical appearance of the edifices that are built as focus points, will not be anything that most might expect. The within the buildings there is a dhyanalinga and a circular path for you to walk in and to meditate so that you can connect with the higher consciousness emanating from e-chk3.

You can find It on the southern part of a continent north of where the original e-chk3 is located.

There are many people who have located themselves next to e-chk3s and who are enjoying the benefits of its emanations, while having no Real clue of why or what it is that is befitting them. There are already dogmas and all kinds of traditions forming up around it. There is a physical gate guardian who was chosen from several earthly candidates. He was selected because of his spirit guides who have worked in earths e-chk3 relocation, and to restore its focus point, for several generations. This physical gate guardian will also have the first write of refusal to become the spirit/unseen world gate guardian once he passes from his physical life, (so it is probably best to excuse any of his earthly fubars).

As the physical gait guardian now, his job is not to go against peoples free agency with his own chosen traditions, but to keep the outer physically manifested form of the chakra intact.

If he is bending to the traditions and the current will of the peoples superstitions, then it is on him and them. 

In my experience: when dealing with a powerful force like the one emanating from being in the direct presents of the folk soul of e-chk3, it is best to start meditations with a declaration of your personal sovereignty, so that you can come away from contact with earths e-chk3 and retain all of the knowledge and power from the connection.

Saying it again on purpose not just bad editing :wacko:: In my experience:  a declaration of the sovereignty of your person-hood, is respected, and will gather to You a definitive kind of regenerative, self actualizing power, else if your spirit stays huddled and focused within the masses, then you could just wind up only receiving the level of regeneration and power that the masses are able and willing to receive.




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I am posting a update on my experiences while making the effort to pass thru the green gate into Earth Chakra 4.

It has been the underlying focus of my lifes spirit/unseen world work to prepare and pass through the Earth Chakras. I am currently studying the protocols, rules, and procedures to pass into Earth Chakra 4 it is mostly trail and error or O.J.T., with 'little or no useful prior information available on Earths Chakra 4'). I am encouraged by a incurring occasional tint of green ray serving to outline the background of my meditative trances, 'called samadhi by some', with the addition of a force of will/tuple 'forming a preset technology (called a rune/sigil/spell by some ', that I pass through the opened channel of the ^^^#self to produce its designed effects which occur through the actions of my (shadow reflection, called a #^^^#sheut, or a shadow by the Egyptians)) that is working for me within the unseen world/(having thus established this spell of attraction (of a rune/sigil-in the form of a tuple) on the other side of the abyss, gives me the added advantage of a pull toward and into the 4th chakra, as I am pushing with my higher self against the green gates protective/locking light rays). 

The gate guardian protected but visible within the transparent crystalline tinted green actual light shield, is still Appearing to be working with me. I am appreciating his ^#presents. I have trust issues having had to tangle in the past with some gate guardians who had Agendas that are different then mind, so while his information is still fourth cumming and of good effect. (as I mentioned in a earlier post on a different thread having a gate guardian that is enthused to help and not hinder, is a novelty for me (I have the scar to prove it.))

bottom line: I am keeping up the pressure during my trances/samadhi, I am still pressing forward against the green ray blocking field of the gate (watching grass grow is faster:blink:).:)

^^^#The following video explains the passing of light through using yourself as a portal very well, However it is NOT from my tradition.

^#during past gate entries I have had to face down #^#gate guardians acting in a obvious or subtly malevolent manner. These are sometimes called demons, when they pop up during what is sometimes called 'entering the gates of heaven is about to occur to people who are supported by a collective folk soul, and or are sometimes in a trance, sometimes called samadhi'.

#^#malevolent Looking gate guardians: In my opinion: It is a big mistake for those who get a chance to view a gate guardian to call them demons.

WHY: because in my experience: angels (be they benevolent or malevolent) almost always look beautiful to the beholder UNLESS the beholder is unable to receive the fullness of light that does show a fullness of their form. Then the person who is unable to RECEIVE a fullness of light judges the angel as a dark demon because of their own personal fear of beings from the unseen world. Or in some cases the viewer has come the the entrance recklessly and the gate guardian is trying to worn them off by acting fierce and dark.


A little ancient Egyptian information: 

'The ancient egyptians believed the five parts of the soul were the Ba, the Ren, the Ib, the Ka, and the Sheut.

The last part of the soul is the Sheut, or the shadow.

It was the silhouette of the soul, a backup copy.

The Ba was the personality, whatever makes them unique.
The Ren was the secret name, the identity of the person. They still exist even if they die if their name is remembered.
The Ka was the life force that leaves the body when it dies. The ka can also power spells, but doing so can be deadly.
The Ib is the heart, the record of good and bad deeds.


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DRAFT: More info and updates on my passage into Earths Chakra 4: *(incidental information for those who have made comment after remote viewing me sitting in place, during trances/samadhi).

That said so far, I have achieved the gain of getting past the Distraction of the alluring green rays emitted by the earths 4th chakra and I have now entered the painful phase, the requirements of continuing the pressure of pushing through what I call for the lack of better words: to 'discourage the not fully committed'.  This half of forcing my way through the protections of the green gate cause my bones feel light and hollow inside, my life energies to bubble all about my appendages (I have heard/hearsay that Shiva caused this suffering in some way to assist the one entering higher dementions to cleans their ora properly). Fortunately I have experienced this all before on other quests into other dementional enterences and so I am able to press on.

Side note thanks to DBs cultivation starting with (posts) and cultivation into folk soul support, and providing a base to push against from within the unseen work), I was lead through a series of bezar synchronicities to a block of information about siddhis, I had no real idea what siddhis are, however at the conclusion of the information, it stated that 'in order for me to move on past the gate and into 4, I mite needed to at least ^*^get rid of the lower 5 of these siddhis',  Eureka!, this was a portion of the information that I was looking for, to facilitate my continued advance through the green gateway into the 4th Earth Chakra.You may ask. Why would I consider giving up powerful magics, especially now that I knew what they were called?Who Knows What I Will Receive Behind door #4 is the answer, and because I had to get passed the gate guardian ('who said to me 'you are not ready yet'). With the reassurance of my recent apithney causing me to consider getting rid of my attachment to the lower siddhis, and what seemed to be a vague nod from the gate guardian who is partially concealed while standing within the transparent inner vale of the gate, verifying with a nod that he thought that was part of the holdup. I am considering that, the loss/removal of the siddhis, would be the correct thing to do in order to Eventually (still watching the grass grow:wacko:) gain full entrance into the earths 4th chakra (heart chakra).

The latest update July 18th 2019, I just found out that apparently some kind of full moon or eclipse has occurred July 16th I missed noticing it,(visions dreams lack of sleep are usual) because I was working-hard pressing through the 4th gate, and suddenly I received/channeled more info. to put on my to do list:blink:. So as of this date, I find out that I get to spend a lot of extra time seeking my higher self as part of the needed items that are added up, to enable me to get through the 4th gate. Finding out new stuff/Info. is usually fun but this is a big job already, having to get touchy-feely with my higher-self is going to be tough (real feelings). I am a doer I can't make this stuff up!

In a earlier post I stated that I was looking for some sort of instructions for entering gate #4

(according to newly found Sumerian tablets, containing instructions for passing through gates within the unseen world, it is best to observe the following instructions FOR THE LOWER GATES: Take your own: seat with you (do not sit on any seats offered to you), or take or ingest any Tribute that is offered. In other words unless you plan on some permanent aspect of yourself staying don't partake of any of the substance that is available within the Gate. 

Part of the above INFO. verified previously by the spirit guides of my youth: It is best to be sitting in your own chair when working through the spirit realms.

Note: there is almost always , some form of ^small self sacrifice (can be hair, fingernails, other), or a offering of tribute, involved when obtaining unseen-world gain, this requirement of a self sacrifice (that is common to one of my lineage(s)), is just another thing that separates out the **^uncommitted from the sincere or the wise.

**^some where in another thread called "are you a shaman" has a post that discusses the 'sincere' or the "wise" being able to cross the 'abyss/death', (as far as I know:

^*^It would be tough to give up things that were hard earned (especially, after just learning what they are called) but I had to gin up the will to mentally distance my self from my newly understood siddhis if I discover that it is the only way to get into e-chk4? 

Having Previously (in some form or other, could be a normal NDE, or a ritual, or a spirit based initiation, or a trainee/master initiated passage while training) crossed the abyss/death is a prerequisite to passing through most e-chk gates.)

*: Some call the method that I use effortless doing, that is only in outward apprentice. In my opinion: any spirit traveling shaman worth his salt can tell you of the exhaustion, freezing to the point of hypothermia, over heating, dehydration, and painful injures that sometimes occur within the shamans physical form during a real unseen world spirit passage.

^(the small self sacrifice (can be hair, fingernails, other), tribute, a favor incurred, or a favor repaid can sometimes be waved or mitigated by the power in-charge of the unseen-world edifice).

^^^Empirical existence and existence-reality


This next section outlines what I have to go from to what I have to go to if I am to enter the 4th Earth Chk:

'The world does not disappear absolutely, as is supposed, in the jivanmukti state. The empirical world ceases to exist, but this does not mean annihilation. It merely means that existence changes its form and color, as it were, for the Absolute. It is empirical existence and not all existence that vanishes. Existence-reality remains, but its limited forms vanish. External has to go; spatial and temporal views of things must go; causal determination of one thing by another must go; many-ness and oneness must go. This is inevitable. However, the universe with all its reality will not go even for the liberated soul. It will merely change its form, meaning and significance. Nothing will disappear except a false view, a limited horizon, erroneous ideas and a circumscribed vision. Fact, reality, existence, however, will remain as fundamental as ever, but the viewpoint will change.'

Dual consciousness

'An occultist (my current state) learns through self-control and discipline to work on two planes at once: to be partly out of his body even as he is working on the physical plane, so that while he is writing or speaking, he may be doing other things with his astral body. When such is the case with an occultist, little need be said of a full-blown jnani who is resting in his own swarupa, essential nature. A jnani has dual consciousness. He has consciousness of Brahman as well as of the world. He sees the world as a dream within himself. A jnani is always in samadhi. There is no ‚Äėin samadhi‚Äô and ‚Äėout of samadhi‚Äô for a jnani like that for a raja yogi.'



Comments on the thread: *^#^Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

By alchemystical, June 13 in General Discussion

Once again I have to give a big thumbs up to DBs. I never would have though to ask any questions, about this topic.

In my search for information having to do with entering the 4th earth chk I discovered a possible answer to the above *^#^question.

The following info is only relevant if a person believes that the earth is in some way a living being . I was convinced of this when I was young. That said: many earth chakras are mentioned but in my experience: the only ones directly reverent to this supposition that the earth is messed up is chk1 through chk4. I say this because when I was young I tried to pass from chk2 to chk3 and I was informed that the vibrational influence (a point of power and connection-the focal point, the entrance) of chk3 was not their (within the unseen world). This missing note of the earths song/vibration is relevant to the entire story of my life 7 decades long. So the short of it is now that chk3 is up and running, and with me having passed through it, I am on to chk4.

Back ground comments:The earth having lost the use of one of its chks for what appeared to me to have been a very long time would be the answer to the question: 'why do you think that the world is so messed up'.

I have come to know/understand that we as people need to be influenced/balanced by at least the first 4 earth chks so that we can transcend to at least the level that we were made to live at. Like strings on a guitar these gigantic earth chakras vibrate and in-power our tiny matching strings and keep us in tune. There is a old saying that implies to me that the song/wave length of the earths chks when properly balanced will make the necessary corrections to the earth, and hopefully that alone will solve many problems for those who can receive it. :)






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Thanks for sharing this... never heard it before and still kind of contemplating it all but appreciate you taking the time to talk about it.  :)


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