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Glenn Morris' Spider Prince

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In his Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, Glenn Morris talks about a painting he discovered in one of Stephen Turnbull's book.The picture shows a Ninja dressed in gold and green with a scroll in his mouth, engulfed by a spider. I think the book he's talking about is Ninja: The True Story of Japan's Secret Warrior Cult ( I'm not entirely sure.



I borrowed the book to read in my hotel room that night, and
one of the prints really caught my eye. It shows a Japanese prince
identified as a ninja. The caption says "Prince so and so . . . plan-
ning an assassination.', . . .


The Spider Prince, as he was named in the picture, was garbed
in green and gold. What do we know about the symbolic use of
those colors? His hair was coiffed in the samurai manner but I
don't know which clan, as I've never studied the hairstyles of the
Japanese warriors. It gets a little crazier than vets and crewcuts.


The Spider Prince is pictured with an old scroll in his mouth
that is tattered and stained. A ragged scroll is a Japanese artistic styl-
ization that indicates internalizing knowledge that one is reluctant
ever to use, as it is damaging to the user's very being if improper-
ly applied

Glenn Morris -- Path Notes of an American Ninja Master
Now, I looked for Turnbull's book but I wasn't able to find it, nor the picture described. I found two pictures that look similar to what Glen Morris' description but I don't think either on of them is the correct one.

Picture 1:
Picture 2: 
Does anyone know where I can find the correct picture?
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