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Zorro Dantes

Does the human body appear to spiritual beings (divine/demonic) as a wild and unexplored vast wilderness in the Daoist tradition?

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I had this weird dream  quite some time ago ... I was riding around in the Bear Paw Mountains with what appeared to be military goons and a doctor in the classic doctor get up. In this dream i was like damn, what did i do to be deemed a military prisoner!? I rarely remember dialogue   in a dream but recall asking one of these military guys if i was under arrest and being taken to  Warm Springs?( a mental facility in Montana) and i remember all the people in this hummer or  paddy wagon whatever just laughing at me and explained

"we're in the land  of milk and honey fool!" the vehicle  pulled over at  place that looked like the Bear Paw Battle spot( the place where they massacred Chief Josephs sleeping band of Nez Perce  with canons and gatling guns , who thought they had made it to canada)  and every body just hopped out and walked around.  I kinda  recall saying something to the effect of "Damn can we get going this place is depressing as hell" and one of these commandos  just laughed at me rather hysterically and said " You better like being here, this paradise of heaven and earth! " and then  we got back in the military vehicle and left. Like i said earlier i thought we were in the Bear Paw Mountains... but as we got  deep into the mountains, I finally realized that we were on my body, what i had thought was the bear paw battlefield was infact  the left side of my body  flush with pine forests plains, ravines, mountains, the works... went up the back of my head and  remember just seeing that my hair was all made  of trees... really reminded me of this...

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  I know Im non initiated  but is there anything in the daoist cannon of thought that  indicates  divine and demonic beings see humans as this image?

image.jpeg know like a vast unexplored wilderness of resources...

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