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TLUD aka Chinese Burner as Kang Bed-stoves as Daoist Neidan alchemy

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You gotta scroll down a lot to get to the blogpost with images. TLUD aka Chinese Burner





So as I explain in the blogpost - there are three stratified (or separated) energy centers in the TLUD stove.


The primary air inlet is the "bellows" just as the Huiyin or perineum is.


At first the oxygen is from above to start off along with the fire - then the Wok is put on top - so the primary air or Qi energy source is from below.


So as the bellows work - the air or Qi then circulates via the secondary air - or the extraordinary meridians.


The bellows pump is driven by the Waterwheel - just as the microcosmic orbit is called the water wheel.




OK so the pump here for the Kang bed stove:




So you can see the secondary air coming in from the top via the pump circulation:




So that means the light on top is blue - just as in meditation - the blue light is the 3rd eye chakra or upper energy chamber (from the carbon monoxide being burned off in the Kang bed-stove


My blogspot has more details


So the Kang bed-stove plus bellows waterwheel alchemy is a simply PHYSICAL energy system that explains Daoist neidan alchemy in action. My blogpost gives the details

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