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As You Create So You Are Created

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As you create so you are created
As you consume so you are consumed


In regards to the genderwars and debates on sexuality that are prevalent in Western society I have come to some clear conclusions that I find satisfying.


The first observation is that when someone is ferociously advocating some position on gender or sexuality, I see that it is simply an individual.  They may talk about what one gender is or wants; but actually it's just one person.  And normally a not very happy person.  They don't actually speak on behalf of a gender.


The second observation is when I ask myself 'do I really mind who is in charge of the ship'; do I really hate it if the gender of this or that is not what I expect?   And the answer is no, I don't mind at all who captains the ship.   What I mind is if they are a good captain.   And I certainly don't like it if they are shit at their job.


The third observation is that people are very psychologically minded these days.   They talk of wanting to be safe.   Well that's fine if you are 5 years old.   But not if you are 30.   You are supposed to deploy yourself in life and develop your gifts; and as Bruce Lee says, fully express yourself.   To do that pushes you into society, conflicts, meetings, struggles, challenges, and co-operative ventures.


Three interesting observations.


The answer to all this is to become more active.


If you go into life and society and attempt to do something it will become apparent that you need to become competent at doing things, and this takes time to master.  Talk is cheap and empty.   
Working and developing competence is where real life is at.


On the internet if you could see all these people sitting in their jogging bottoms in a lonely room staring at a screen.  Often not feeling very good.
This sad situation does not lead to feeling good or learning about yourself, or becoming competent.
Doing nothing does not feel very good.

Think of the great people from the history of our species, and then people sitting in their joggers looking at a screen !


When you create so you are created, you create yourself.
When you consume so you are consumed, you degenerate.


And we live in a world of consumers.   
We have much free time; but who remembers to use it?
And who takes the easy path of pleasure and consumption.


If you go into life and wish to do something you will see what is what.  It will dawn on you for instance that your body and emotions are geared towards a particular type of life, then it might be more satisfying to follow that.   To choose a path very different to that, would be right for only a few people.   


Like an alligator wishing to live like an hippo.   Well do so if it is your wish; but I can't see it being very successful, and who would encourage that in any case ?  We all have only one short life here, and it will always be limited.  No-one is really free here, only free to make wise and effective decisions.


And Creation functions according to a simple rule, positive + negative > Creation.   This is Yin-Yang.   

And it occurs in many ways at many levels.

Is it not a correct idea ?   

It seems to be correct.   And I have not heard of another way to Create?
And so the more you wish to Create, the more you will follow this rule.   

To create more you need more Yin and more Yang, which forms a more explosive union.
Big polarity, big Creation.
Weak Yin + Weak Yang > only a trickle comes out.
If you do not wish to Create then there is no need to concern yourself with such things. 
However Creation feels good, and as you create so you are created.


Talk is cheap.
Entering life more fully and becoming competent, wishing to Create things, then intelligent and efficient choices will appear very quickly.




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