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Plant Earth has two phisical poles
The north pole
The south pole
The spiritul plant earth has two poles
The himalya mountain(highest point)
The dead sea (lowest point)
In order to balance plant earth
The himalaya sarunding
Dead sea srounding 
Should be an ecologicl reservation
Like the north and south poles.

The phisical pols create the

Electromagnetic field.

The spirtual poles create the qi chi field

Spirtiual energy.

The phosical/spirtual world

Is suffering a Bpolar disorder.


An exmple.

In the dead sea sarunding there is

The sinai desert. In hebrewסיני

Wich mean china.

Look for the coralation betwean

The sinai desert history and china history.

You will be amazed

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How about these poles ;


One pole is 'Morning Star'



the other 'down here' on earth




Shaman join two together with 'star pole dance'






Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi  dancing Morning Star dance used in funerals to guide the spirit to rest.

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