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2 hours ago, rideforever said:

These things represent the problem of mankind to integrate the animal brain with the new brain.

To make the new brain work as it should it requires a shift in consciousness UP, which is not easy, but Christ was a being who triggered such a shift in a lot of people.  The reason for this is that the new brain allows for a radical higher sense of ourselves as individuals, so that we no longer depend on the collective consciousness, we tear ourselves off through self-recognition "I Am".

Christ has lasted for a long time and still does in some places, in others places society has shifted back down to the normal state of man which is :

animal mind + corrupt half working new mind >> which is a big unhappy mess, and eventually even the animal mind gets corrupted.

And frighteningly as people build there world they create healthy or extremely unhealthy societies ... which further damage people's outside conditions and information and who they are .... which leads to extreme suffering.   As agriculture and other changes have happened, so have people's bodies and their education and environment > each one affects the possibilities for development.   Humans having such fragile consciousness are not solid, they are vulnerable to changes.   For instance the reduction of minerals in the arable land as a result of industrialisation means the food is not very good.

Many humans live in extreme suffering, but with many buffers and fragments in the psyche .... which helps them not to feel it so much, or know very much.

The only solution is shifting up the new mind (awakening) and then integrating the animal into it.   Few do this. 


Traditionally some try to awaken the new mind and discard the animal (which isn't possible) so they keep renouncing until they die not comprehending why it doesn't work.


Others try to return to nature (to the animal) and discard the new mind like killing your thoughts (which isn't possible) .... but these efforts can have benefits and succeed in bringing some peace to a life.

The animal in its natural condition is holy, the new mind in its natural condition is holy, and the awakening and merging of the two is the final condition. 


Why are there thoughts going round my head ?   It is one example of the new mind trying to activate itself.   Also some thoughts are representation of the animal mind.   


My emotions are bad, anger, sadness, depression ?   Well have a poorly working new-mind in the head, creates many headaches and you can start to distrust your sex-energy or your physical energy or anything else.   Distrusting part of you, or distrusting others, is simply a consequence of being fragmented inside.


The OP was a declaration whether you took the nature of Nature or the nature of Man. Simple.


Looking in the mirror and seeing another causes mis interpretation within one's one psyche.


Staring at your own reflection for too long, and your thoughts lose basis in a real life situation. Everything becomes a theory that has no valid proof. Just an idea. Practically speaking a proper foundation of reality is needed to assert some of these observances, in my opinion.

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Please @rideforever if you are feeling 'off' reach out to those around you. Have a cupcake with someone in your life. Allow yourself some simple sitting around and just 'being'. Have verbal fun with them? Play scrababble?

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8 minutes ago, whitesilk said:

Have a cupcake


Thanks !  Yes I sometimes make some from a recipe found in this forum, lots of cacao powder, almond butter and a couple of eggs.

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