Toist daoist sect in jewish orthodx judaism

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I will begin with a German Jewish
Philosopher martin Buber.
When doing his PhD in Germany
He was influenced by zen and
Chung tze writings. Later on
He was trying to find a Jewish
Equivalent to tao/zen and
He found it in the east European
Jewish hasidic sect.
The founder of the hasidic sect
Was Baal shem tov he was a miracle worker. Before his revaluation he lived in the carpat


doing solitude in nature
Like a Taoist. He didn't wrote any book. In the hasidic sect
God was einsof, Nihilo.htm

nothingness energy, thy practice mind emptiness like zen (there is a saying in book yezira

stop thinking) and
Solitude in nature .like Taoist werse Confucianism thy where in debate with  Orthodox Jewish scholars.
The hasidic saint hardly learned
Didn't pray at time and worked miracle. 

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