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I would like to live more in nature no electric, like a hobbit, witnessing the seasons and so on.

Can anyone recommend a place to go ?
I think I am not going to do it alone but if there was somewhere to join ?

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You could email ask Sara Ann Lawless about where she use to live off the grid, she farmed the land for natural remadies, it is some where in Origin, she has recently moved to Canada.http://sarahannelawless.com/contact/



I heard about this place 'slab city' I had thought about going there when I was a kid.

There is lots more info on youtube but here is a couple of informative videos.




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We had a couple of good threads on such a Hobbit life.  I must admit at times, I've thought that the Hobbit hole would be mighty attractive.


Here's one thread, good one, but not the one I was thinking of:

Here's another, from this one down there's posts with some good links, I think:

Just remember there's no free lunch out there.  Communal living is often farming thus hard work.  Or else the  little secret is they live cheaply but off a large hidden nest egg.  I think the sweet spot is finding cheap digs, learning to live cheaply, ie having your own large productive garden, and having a minimum job that doesn't drive you crazy. 


We can probably have those things, living most anywhere.  We do have some power to engineer our life, especially if we're willing to move and take chances. 


The worst ruts are ones we've made ourselves.  We stopped exploring, stopped making things better, fell into comfort or poverty traps. 


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