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The Pitiful Dust

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Train !


- Hmm, I trained this morning, I don't feel like it.


Good !  Then train on that, train on your endless negativity.   Where better place to begin.  Pulling out the foundation stones of lethargy and negativity will have tremendous effect on your existence.   Much better than adding more forms and energies and stupidities.


- How am I to do that ?


You must learn to do it.


This life requires things from you, so do those things, be competent in daily life.   And with every other moment let it be a celebration and journey into the truth, into the very Real, following clear and profound teachers exactly, and working until your dying breath.

What profit is there in the pitiful consolations mankind tries to find in the dust of his life.   Isn't it clear that something has to change, isn't it clear that everything must change.   And that we must change it, now.   There is nothing here.


Inasmuch as it has pleased the Lord to create the people who live on Earth, and for them to be as they are, and live as they do, and do what they do, then may we wish them whatever joy can be found.


For those who's time has come to climb, let us climb.





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