Opening the crown by sending energy through the unicorn point

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Sorry, couldn't resist. :D
(Probably influenced by Adyashanti's down-to-earth spiritual teachings.)


P.S.: I wish I had had one of these for the photo: https://redphoenixbrews.wordpress.com/gallery/ ;)

(This visual pun was inspired by some actual practice experiences. Feel free to discuss if you like. Who knows what comes out of it.)


P.P.S.:  Don't buy one of those golden bottle openers from China. Their quality fits the reputation. (Why can't we have nice things? :() Also: If it puts a fold in the crown cap, it's an inferior design and needs German engineering or Chinese martial arts consulting. ... Have they never heard of a fulcrum? - (I also got a pineapple-shaped one that bends not only the cap but also itself! Talk about a lose-lose situation. And the unicorn has a big miscolored scratch on the other side over the eye, like a scar. - I replaced an ugly one that works like a charm; rarely any force needed and cap comes off looking like it's never been on a bottle.)

This is teaching an insightful lesson about human-technological 'progress'.

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