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It's Sunday just got a ring on my doorbell, go downstairs and open the door and some people walking on to the neighbours house, have they no manners to ring your doorbell Sunday lunchtime and that already ringing the neighbours bell.   Manners ?


They are strapped up in yellow fluorescent jackets like they are emergency workers attending to a fatal pile up on the motorway, but in fact they are just normal people walking on the pavement ringing doorbells.   What is wrong these people ?   Everything is a shocking emergency, do they not mind the flourescent in your face jackets ?   Don't they feel anything any more ?   Do they live in a world were everything is a terror emergency even walking down the street.


Holding buckets for charity, as if charity is about money.   People don't need money.   They need their money to be removed from them because they nothing with it except degenerate.


Without challenge hope and opportunity, humans are just degenerating beneath animals.   Better to live like a savage, at least you will have some contact with reality.   People are taught so many wrong things, they are completely ruined, practically speaking all you can do is pray form them.   It is better to starve on the street penniless then to live in such a soulless and insincere way.


Once there were men on this planet.   And they worked.   And they became.



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Do you want to help people by removing their money from them?

If so, you will end up with a lot of their money.

I will gladly help you then.

I am strong. I can handle it.

And I can do energy conversion.

Just keep that damn ring away from me.

I don't live anywhere near a volcano.

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