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Why Ramana Maharshi is teaching the secret of Yuan Qi

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Just as the elemental ether within the flame of a lamp is known to fill without any difference and without any limit both the inside and the outside of the flame, so also the knowledge-ether that is within the Self-light in the heart, fills without any difference and without any limit both the inside and the outside of that Self-light. This is what is referred to as Brahman.

(Ramana Maharshi, SE, answer to question 17.)


There is a lot of confusion about what self-enquiry or Jnana Yoga actually is.  A 1947 edition of Ramana Maharshi's book "Who Am I?" actually contains his drawing of the Kundalini that is necessary to first right up the spine and then go back down to the heart. You can't find this image online - I found it in the South Asian library at University of Minnesota - and the book (straight from the Ashram, a limited edition - actually vibrated with Yuan Qi energy!!)


in the sunshine cotton does not burn; but if the cotton be placed under a lens it catches fire and is consumed by the rays of the Sun passing through the lens.

What this refers to is the fact that our spirit is from coherent - literally LASER - biophotons. When we "turn the light around" we then FOCUS the laser light as a coherent self-resonating frequency. This is the SHEN or  Shakti BURNING - I have felt this directly from qigong master Chunyi Lin when he does his healings to open the third eye and I have also felt it from the only 2nd level qigong master student of Chunyi Lin.


Now that burning light is NOT the SELF (contrary to the claims of many Westernized thinkers).


Again the Self is the Yuan Qi as the Knowledge-Ether



People want to see the Self as something. They desire to see it as a blazing light, etc. But how could that be? The [deep] Self is not light,


So Westerners IGNORE this statement of RAmana Maharshi.


So he admits you are MERGING the Jiva or individual soul as laser light - back into its source THAT DOES NOT EMERGE. It is ever present - beyond time and space - as the Ether-Knowledge aka the Yuan Qi.


This is the "Absolute Void that Radiates Light" as it is describes in the book Taoist Yoga: alchemy and immortality.


So how do you do this? Through Nirvikalpa Samadhi - which means you just "turn the light around" as a "snapshop" - or as Ramana Maharshi states:



Stop the pictures,


So we experience different shapes due to phase of light but the phase depends on time as frequency. So when the time is zero (no phase) there is then infinite frequency. So when we turn the light around (at any frequency) - the light goes to its relativistic mass at zero time.


The relativistic mass of light is this Ether-Knowledge



The akasa (space) in the pit or well has not been created by us.


So this ether-knowledge is Always-already there but since we do not turn the light around in meditation - then the light is TOO WEAK since it is not FOCUSED AS A LASER - with coherent frequency!



It is important for one who is established in his Self (atma nista) to see that he does not swerve in the least from this absorption. By swerving from his true nature he may see before him bright effulgences, etc., or hear (unusual) sounds or regard as real the visions of gods appearing within or outside himself. He should not be deceived by these and forget himself. (Ramana Maharshi, SI, Chapter 2, Question 16.)


So what the Westernized views erroneously neglect is that Ramana Maharshi meditated 9 years before he achieved eternal liberation to "cut the knot."


This inert body does not say “I.” Reality-Consciousness does not emerge. Between the two, and limited to the measure of the body, something emerges as “I.” It is this that is known as Chit-Jada-granthi (the knot between the Conscious and the inert), and also as bondage, soul, subtle-body, ego, samsara , mind, and so forth. (Ramana Maharshi, FVR, verse 24.)



So Ramana Maharshi says this "knot" is on the right side of the heart - this is also the same as what Taoist Yoga: alchemy and Immortality teaches - the right side of the heart is where the Yuan Qi connects beyond death - to the formless awareness.


So our spirit "emerges" from the formless awareness - and it is attached to the body and depends on the body to have a sense of self. Since we do not FOCUS the spirit as a burning laser turn back to its source - then the spirit remains distracted even in the astral realms of other images, experiences, etc. This is why for astral travel there is a "rope of light" that connects back to the body. What Ramana Maharshi is saying is just keep burning that rope back to its source - beyond the body - through the heart.


And yet - the Light is NOT the ether-knowledge!!



When one discards the Jiva (individual being) of the form ahamkara (ego-sense), which is the apparent meaning of the word “I,” what remains merely as the effulgent and conscious Atman (Self), which is the implied meaning of the “I,” is Brahman. (Ramana Maharshi, JGE, 7.)


So the ether-knowledge is IMPLIED and it radiates light but it is not the light itself.



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