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Bullshitting seems to run in the family!



A pizza delivery man who identifies himself as a 'breatharian' claims mediation has helped him to collect all the nutrients he needs from the air and can survive on just 100 calories a week.

Khai Ho, 28, from Birkenhead, Liverpool, would often refuse his mothers meals as a child, claiming he has never felt hunger and food has never appealed to him.

But over the last four years Khai, a healthy 13 stone in weight, claims that his commitment to the Hindu form of mediation has enabled him to give up food for three months at a time, only eating mints to stop the 'bitter taste' in his mouth.


The bad taste in his mouth is from all that bullshitting! 

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Well we all need much less food as we age. I'm also thinking of doing regular three day fasts. I might even try longer if I gain enough confidence.

Three months is bullshit though!


I think any fast longer than a month is probably dangerous and would cause damage to the body. 


I figure it's about balance and listening yo you body. 

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