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Zorro Dantes

Heart of Bagua/Circular Push Hands dvds ...for trade Bwahaha!

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Well I guess and suppose since these teaching came my way..and I ended up proving to be wimp lo rather than the chosen one....i have decided to trade these bad boys for  Classic Chinese Literature in english format, specifically  Zibuyu What the Master Would not Discuss (Brill edition) Strange Tales From Liaozhai( 6 volume Sondergard  Edition) or The Sorcerer's Revolt(paperback edition, Feng Menglong) not asking for all of them just  maybe half of Strange tales set, or a very good condition rated copy of the other two...or if thats not your thing and you wanna just buy em off me they are on ebay as we speak...I Just know a certain number of you bums like to take the middle path, as do I...  Merry New Year!

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