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Sword Fingers and Thunder Palms proven to emit healing biophoton energy

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Dr. Beverly Rubik, et. al., published 2017 in Cosmos and History, a philosophy of science journal out of Australia. I corresponded with the journal's editor about a year ago, encouraging this type of research. Glad to see it is now published!!



effects of intention, energy healing, and mind-body states on ...


by B Rubik - ‎2017 - ‎Cited by 2 - ‎Related articles
healing; (2) biophoton emission during energy healing showed a unique pattern for each ... and altered mind-body states. KEYWORDS: Biophoton; Ultraweak light emission; Biofield; ..... [3] Rubik B. The biofield: bridge between mind and body.


I just did a new blog post giving the biophoton secrets of qigong meditation with standing active exercise - based on quantum resonance.


So the diet like Milarepa of just stinging nettles - the chlorophyll has red light absorbed that directly energizes the mitochondria via the antioxidants also in the chlorophyll rich diet. Spirulina, a 1 billion year old cyanobacteria, also is 5 to 10% blue-green pigment that is an MAO-B, so it naturally spikes the internal serotonin levels for psychedelic third eye activation.


So then Dr. David Muesham discussed this research.


Ironically he supervised my first year music composition of a fugue on a Moog synthesizer with traditional Mayan flute whistle - and I did not realize he actually majored in physics with an emphasis on studying music in India and yoga healing also. So when I discovered, last year, his research on resonance and healing energy - music harmonics of acupuncture meridians, etc. - then I contacted him. He remembered my music composition - from 1989-90. That was at Hampshire College where I also took quantum mechanics from physics professor Herbert J. Bernstein.





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