lesser heavenly circulation and time

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When I practice lhc, I noticed that it appears to have been a very long time, yet yesterday, I video taped myself and it was only for eight minutes.


It there a measurable truth that cultivation might connect us to a more divine time line?


I was taught Plato at a young age, and his theory of idealism. A tree is only a reflection of the single perfect tree. So I guess what I am attempting to say is that up may be down. In the sense, that Heaven is One rather than thinking that going higher to heaven is the right path. Not in a dark sense at all, so please do not interpret this that way. I mean down as going less in number, as the ancient Greek platonic idealism might suggest. The ideal divine time line in nature might be what we connect to when we practice or cultivate? The ideal time less nature of the One Heaven. Again this is a subjective viewpoint that I am expressing. What exactly I notice is that time appears to slow as I cultivate.



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maybe to may be; time less to time line
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Thanks for sharing your experience.  This is a fascinating subject that nudges me routinely.  


The experience of Time seems to me a very personal experience that does not exist as a thing of itself, independent of my awareness, but rather as a subjective expression/interpretation within my individual awareness/mind which depends on my judgements of how things appear to change due to the process of memory. 


It is fluid in nature as my experience of it varies dramatically in varying conditions, dependent upon my recall of the experience of the present.  All happens in the present.  Each memory of the past, happens now.  The actions recalled, happened in the now and all machinations of future, happens now.  My mind distinguishes past and future through its mechanism of judgement and comparison.


Mechanical time seems a purely human mental exercise to me, since to a mole, hawk, forest or waterfall, I sense the notion of 4pm on a friday has little or no meaning.  Relative time seems to exist, as the changing of conditions with the seasons etc, but this is always experienced in the now and is interpreted by local mind.


I've experienced dramatic slowing of the experience of time, usually when in a bike or when I see an impending auto accident approaching.  But it occurs like you mention, during practice as well on occasion.  I recall stillness sessions where several hours pass, yet my experience of them felt like it was 30 minutes or so.  I suspect the experience of the clarity and empty nature of True Mind which often seems to occur for folks during various meditations reveals the very fluid and localized/subjective experience of Time by individual mind.


So, Time to me, is a product of localized awareness mind and its ability to recall memory of experience and make comparisons.  My experience of it is inherently fluid and subjective to my individual awareness and interpretation.


Whereas mechanical time, does not exist at all, except as an exercise of human thought progression/comparison.

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