Etymology of the character yi 易

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Continuing from this post and the relevant responses:


3 hours ago, Taoist Texts said:

I have not researched it so I will take yr word for it. Does it have a phonetic? Can it be found here?



I would not know how to input a character that is not in use any more, nor would I know if it has a phonetic. But you can find it in the sources that I researched back in 2008 and that I mention in my article: "What we do know is that beams.gif is the name of a certain sacrifice (甲骨文字典, p. 995; 新編甲骨文字典, p. 528)." Most research on this character is summarized in 古文字诂林, Vol. 8, p. 53-57.


I wrote the article in 2008 and maybe there are new developments that I am not yet aware of. I do however maintain that 易 is not composed of both the characters 日 and 月. The oldest forms do not show 日 but they do show 月 as a component.


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