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what is complete
can never be cleaved
it can’t be mixed
it can’t be sieved 


what our true nature is
is a big surprise
to know it
only is to recognize


that which tries to grow
from parts to a whole
is nothing but two points
on an infinite pole


know that infinite beam
of lightless light
and all struggles will disappear
without any fight


There is nothing to learn
there is nothing to know
just be here now
and become the glow


The ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘Us’, ‘them’ exist
but not as you might gather
they are like waves in an ocean
But are nothing apart from water

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I don't have to know what I will become,

in order to enjoy who I am.

Good things can always happen.

New words are always arising.

Good things can always happen.

New perspectives are always arising.

Good things can always happen.

The best that life has to offer.

Is always coming.

For who am I to recognize it.

If it is ment to be a surprise.

We cannot predict the future.

For it is always the new that will arise.

Never before has this ever happened.

Never before has these words been spoken.

Because we now live in a new world.

And a new light.

That has grown many times into the new born,

of the new broad day light.

The clouds and weather are different today,

Then they were yesterday.

The new day always comes,

With a new surprise.

Good things can always happen.

Because we are made of paradise.

Who am I push away that which I am,

when I know that good things are always ment to happen.

I enjoy the new born day of every life.

For some it is born in night.

There you will find the gift of the subtle light.

And thus everywhere you look there is all life.

For good things are always ment to happen.

And there's nothing I need to do,

in order for good things to always happen.

I can allow myself to enjoy the good things,

as they always happen.

And flow with it, naturally,

surprise after surprise,

in the new gift,

of each new moment.

Of my new life,

in paradise.

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