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Mair 19:8

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Confucius was observing the cataract at Spinebridge where the water fell from a height of thirty fathoms and the mist swirled for forty tricents.  No tortoise, alligator, fish, or turtle could swim there.  Spotting an older man swimming in the water, Confucius thought that he must have suffered some misfortune and wished to die.  So he had his disciples line up along the current to rescue the man.  But after the man had gone several hundred yards he came out by himself.  With disheveled hair, he was walking along singing and enjoying himself beneath the embankment.

Confucius followed after the man and inquired of him, saying, "I thought you were a ghost, but when I looked more closely I saw that you are a man.  May I ask if you have a special way for treading the water?"

"No, I have no special way.  I began with what was innate, grew up with my nature, and completed my destiny.  I enter the very center of the whirlpools and emerge as a companion of the torrent.  I follow along with the way of the water and do not impose myself on it.  That's how I do my treading."

"What do you mean by 'began with what was innate, grew up with your nature, and completed your destiny'?" asked Confucius.

"I was born among these hills and feel secure among them - that's what's innate.  I grew up in the water and feel secure in it - that's my nature.  I do not know why I am like this, yet that's how I am - that's my destiny."
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Confusicusman could never decide between this and that.

Is he the butterfly or the man?

He never finds stability and always asks in confusion.


So the companion of the torrent says in a way that he can hear his ability to live without a single doubt, of being in fully harmony with the highest most pure form of perfect knowledge, he said it in a way confusicus could hear. Security or not security. Confusion or certainty. And more importantly THE FEELING OF THOSE. Not the words.


But he also gave confusicus a path to experience the true value of certainty and what that truely means, by saying he FELT SECURE HE FEELS SECURE. To underline the feeling part of it that is what all true masters do. Because they know words don't teach. So they point at an experience that is the closest that that other person can then allow themselves to experience right now. Because he cant keep up with that man. He cant. The vibration is too high and fast and pure, like a fast vortex, it would spit him out. and it would even hurt him. Unless he lets go of all resistance. That which stands in the way of him allowing himself to feel the feeling of security. and thereby ability to know and confidence to be and that would then expand into that and this and on and on and on, untill he too can become the companion of the torrent.


We always give the best of who we are and always a path towards all that we are. Existance has no choice but to exist. So existance has no choice but to guide me guide it. For I cannot guide anyone. But everyone can guide me to guide then towards more self guidance.


So the feeling of security was mentioned. So he could say, what are you most secure about? "I am secure when I am in my bed" meet me at your bed then you will learn of my ways of the highest knowledge.


But instead he showed the way as being related to the water that is the natural path of least resistance that is which is what the entire universe is made up off. And a tree could also be a perfectly balanced symbol of fire sun, earth and water, and thunder and wind as the seed or spark that seeded the life into being. The highly excited state of that highest knowledge of pure positive source energy, fractalling down through the path of least resistance as a thunder, poof, life happens. Everything in nature is a great example of the path of least resistance. And you can even see the path of the thunder in the roots of the very tree and that is why trees are our global network of higher dimensional knowledge. Stabilizing that into our physical dimension. So you could even talk to trees if you wish. If the trees speak to you, would you then not feel secure with such a big family? Imagine that... And why would you then want to go to civilized people who are unpredictable and can't decide what it is they want. When the nature is forever your friend.


But a man who became the companion of the torrent? That is truely lucky he got to see that. One in a life time.


I have seen something similar, when that man in africa married the water halfway and expressed idigun the god of iron and another name the queen of the river or something. and he was very able to become take shape of the animal that the "exorsist" decided him to be. And eventually he shared his story. Which was the greater coherent story of the civilization around him and his own unique experience of it, from outside the bounds of that society and their constructed believes.

He shared how he experienced everything to be backwards and horrific. As alligators living in a den of blood, and speaking an upside down language.


Because that is what humans do. They live in resistance to the natural stream of well being. Not in harmony with the natural flow of abbundance that is which is what the entire universe is made up of. And all for a reason. That may be good in their eyes. But never valid enough to take away the eternal discord that will always exist, untill man lets go and allows thenselves to be in harmony with their true nature again. Do less and achieve more. Do nothing and achieve everything. Because your deserving nature is natural and simple like that. First you meditate. Then you can focus and have clarity. And then you can focus on vibration. And then you can achieve any feeling.


And then you become the creator of your own reality and life experience as a co-creator with your own non physical source of being in harmony with the vibrational nature that is all of physical time space reality as all of the universe stems from a vibration that can only be translated as well-being. Or love or joy or freedom or knowledge or power. All those emotions are just ways of translating your ability to feel and thus indicate to your self that you have found what you seek.


Woulden't you then wanna feel better? More of the time?

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