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Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum and my primary reason for joining is that I am looking to learn more about how Qigong can be used for applications of physical healing. 15 months ago I got struck by some unknown neurological disorder which involves 24/7 full-body tingling/crawling and burning pain as well as numbness and imparied coordination and motor function. I've gone through a neurological investigation and they find the symptoms in terms of coordination impairment but I am all clear with the MRI and nothing is found in spinal fluids - which is a blessing.

In short, this has turned my life upside down and I am in search of some way to hopefully cure/fully reverse or at least stop progression and alleviate the pain and. The reason I have turned to and started practicing Qigong ( ~2 months of daily practice ) is that I found a TCM acupuncturist and that has helped in partially reversing sensory symptoms and also helped to some extent with the numbness.
So far the Qigong has helped me to regain the fine-motorskills of my fingers as well as my ability to walk smoothly with my left leg and I am very interested to see what will be the result as I continue to practice and slowly increase the time of my daily sessions:

Being new( both to forum and Qigong) I have a few questions to start with:

In general  - In what part of the forum would it be most suitable to ask questions regarding qi cultivation and medical applications of Qigong?


Further - Does anyone have any personal experiences from healing "chronic" health problems (neurological or others) Qigong/Taichi  etc.? I have read quite a few stories online regarding for example Wisdom Healing Qigong and Spring Forest Qigong among others and those results in combination with my own promising results (given the short timeframe) leaves me hopeful that there might be something to this.


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I might be able to help you.

PM me your an email address if you'd like to discuss.

Protonmail might be the most convenient for you, if you want to maintain your own privacy.




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Garbage In > Garbage Out


When you have systemic illnesses, which many people seem to get these days, and that I have had, I think it's best not to look for a smoking gun but to try and heal everything.   Diet must change, many poisons in food these days - because it's profitable.   And what do you put in your mind - that also causes inner unhappiness tension and disease.   And so on.   Slowly year by year everything must be cleaned up.   What chemicals do you use in your house or put on your skin.


With Qigong systems, it is a good idea to try some quite intensive work at the beginning, long deep sessions, which can give you a flavour of what is coming ....and you can decide if you like this flavour, and then continue normally.


Another thing is that pumping the body full of energies is one thing, but clearing out energy blockages is another thing.   Once blockages are cleaned then you don't need to pump full of energy.   ( BK Frantzis teaches "Outer Dissolving", maybe there are other teachers as well .... dissolves blockages ).


The more healthy the different areas of your life are, the healthier the whole system will be.   You might find that eliminating one food, one friend or one habit might help you a lot.   But best to make a trajectory of whole health and good life.


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Thank you for your response.

May I ask what systemic problem you experienced and perhaps what was the timeframe for it resolving (if I understood you correctly it has)?

Yes, I have come to a similar conclusion about going about healing in a more holistic way. My initial change was to go vegan and eliminate processed food/sugar/alcohol etc. and that did help to a certain degree. Further, I have cut out a few people who really did not make me happy and that has increased my peace of mind. One theory that I have is that this stems from a lot of suppressed anger since childhood and that I've never really allowed myself to express my emotions and always pushed them deep inside, as when I grew up showing them was not a safe option.

I have heard of the Outer dissolving technique but have a hard time grasping how it is done. I have had some brief experience with Sung breathing which seems to me are techniques with similar purpose?

I have been under the impression that physical Qigong exercises was also able to clear blockages through cultivation and movement of qi? Is this still valid and for example the Outer dissolving is better at clearing them, or is dissolving the only way to achieve a clearing of blockages?

Another thing that I keep wondering about is the concept of "qi cleansing". As I have understood it when you start practicing Qigong you initiate some kind of cleaning process - both on a physical and emotional level. Is this a real thing?

Finally, when you talk of intense work - what would constitute intense? Several hours a day?

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54 minutes ago, Zentity said:


Hi.   Digestive problems, uclers, and so on.   I was in an ambulance once and literally crying for my mama, because when the middle of your body goes wrong ... it's the end, basically.  I never thought I would cry for my mama, but there it is, dying will probably be the same.


I also have a lot of suppressed rage, and yes it is frequently at the root of many people's problems because anger is one thing that no-one ever encourages.   Personally I need to be held and loved whilst I tell everyone how angry I am .... and not many people can do that for me.


I have found other therapies to be more direct at harmonizing / cleansing the anger that qigong.   For instance :





All approaches useful.   The ones people leave to last are probably (i) expressing the full force your green fire rage; (ii) holding the sweet child that you are inside and really caring for him.
These 2 things can be very uncomfortable but take my advice, do them on day 1 and save yourself 50 years.


I have just come back from the park I was doing Michael Winn's 5 Animals.  About 3 years now.   I got this one because you can either do it by feeling the forces, or by feeling the emotions and working with them ... so release anger / shame / guilt / fear.   Today after many years, I was doing it very slowly indeed and for instance with the Wood Element feeling the rage boy inside as a kind of shadow inside and very slowly breathing it out of the mouth like a black smoke on the exhale.   Very slowly, so really feel it, know that it is working.   Usually I do it quickly.


Also with regards emotions just found an excellent chart of many emotions associated with the 5 elements.   I plan to pick a different emotion (one positive one negative for each element) every day, which is more complete rather than always work with one emotion.   Qigong is like this, it is a skill and inner knowledge.   Bioenergetics and inner child work is more direct and different.


If you have time use 2 or 3 approaches simultaneously, but each one need development and learning.   Like at university when you have multiple courses.


I was able to stabilise myself quite quickly, but the deep roots are anger / rage / discontent and i am working on them still, been 3 years or so.   But I have made vast changes inside and if I hadn't been ill this time, it was only a matter of time before something started failing.


What goes in : food / impressions / culture / relationships .... is probably more important to fix than any qigong.


Outer dissolving ; you can start with feeling the blockage on the physical body, then the energy structure underneath, then slowly scanning back and forth the seam or centre of the blockage and holding it in your awareness.   Takes bloody hours, hundreds of hours.   


But yes moving practices do dissolve blockages, but there is a skill to it.   On the inhale do not toughen up your body, remain soft and releasing, on the exhale feel the body dissolving.   Always like this.   


Working with the energy body does change your whole life.   Sorry.  Or ... not sorry !


Personally I am not very much into doing the kind of qigong where you do movements but you dont' know why.   With MW's 5 Animals I know why because I am drawing in the universal forces to cleanse me, and working with emotions.  And for instance in BK Frantzis Dragon & Tiger Qigong, you are drawing qi along certain regions or energy pathways.    I have been doing BK Frantzis Heaven & Earth DVD which really is amazing.   Just shows you that one simple movement can clear massive stuff out of you if you are well instructed.


And then there are those who just do a series of movements with not much understanding.   It's okay, just not for me.   Some people report great success with them.


Also I think it's good to do standing meditations Zhan Zhuang.   It's a bit hard to get into but I think it's really magic.   I do a few minutes standing, then some small moving qigong, then repeat the cycle, alternating standing and moving.   It feels good.  Terry Dunn's DVDs have standing meditation in them.


Alchemy wise only thing I have done is Michael Winn's Sexual Vitality, which includes breathing water element up your body, followed by fire element down, which creates a "steaming" release.


But if you are serious then it's good to not just do the qigong vaguely, but start with one thing and do it for a solid hour, slowly, quickly, emotionally, physically, really try to feel what is happening.   It's more interesting enjoyable and you make it work better.


It's all cool stuff so enjoy being healthy and happy and sane.


( many people here are more knowledgeable than me btw )



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Hi Zentity

I can help you enjoy your life. Post about your condition every day. 
It takes about a week to heal.
You should walking every day. Walking is good exercise.
I'll start healing now.

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