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Zatoichi : Sen... sei !!!!

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Nah. I reckon the funniest , and corniest scene is ;


Z walks in to a room of strangers, and they mock him, including the Lord who asks "What are you going to do for us, a naked dance ? "


So Z performs some impressive sword trick and they all get scared, respectful, pay him the money he wanted, make friends . etc . Then happily  say goodbye. The Lord stands up to politely say goodbye and he has four armed bodyguards around him. Z stops and


"Oh !  I forgot  the naked sword dance .  "   ....  draws and swish shish slash flash, sheaths.  And all look in horror , as they dont know what happened .... then all the bodyguards clothes fall off and they  dance around naked  covering themselves .


Now  that is corny   ..... but funny ... sorta like the Thee Samurai  Stooges 











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