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Treating Teachers

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It is brave (or foolhardy) for people to come forward to talk about there system and open it up for questions.  It doesn't take many to devolve a discussion.  And that's too bad, because a good (or great) teacher is gold. 


Some experienced teachers can be thorny as hell, and do not suffer (in there eyes) fools disagreement or criticisms lightly.  For better or worse, they have decades of experience under there belt and simply don't feel they should put up with (in their view)  uninformed posts.  


Some great teachers have gone down in flame wars because of this.  Others simply left (I'm looking at you Dhao Zhen) because they didn't like the boards contentiousness.  


A possible solution is simply to treat this section: 'Teachers and Systems' with a little more deference, take it or leave it, kind of attitude.  Ask questions, but don't challenge.  If its not your thing, you disagree with it, state your truth (nicely), and walk away.  This is a platform for someone to discuss there system.  If a person wants a formal indepth debate they should start a separate thread, so as not to derail a teacher discussing there art.  

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