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Is there any chance that I'm going to die from drawing my sexual energy up to my head?

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Hi everybody, this my first post here. Nice to meet you guys!

I have a serious question about whether or not, is there any change that my skull gonna crack or I'm going to die from drawing sexual energy from my sexual region to my head.

I'm been practicing drawing sexual energy from my sexual region to my head, and it's working really well for me. If I draw the energy up properly my urge to ejaculate will go away, I get waves of goosebumps and things will look, sounds really better (like I'm on some kind of drugs) for a period of time (5-40 mins).

The reason I ask this question is when I draw up my sexual energy, the top of my head (the Pai Hui) gets more and more pressure each time I draw more and more energy up. I can draw the energy away from it, but I afraid that someday I will like 'over draw' and crack my skull or something like that. I heard in Taoism ancient people want to open the Pai Hui too soon and then they die. I have to intention to open the Pai Hui right now (because I don't know jack sh..) 

Anyway is it save to just draw / pump the sexual energy up? Maybe 'over pump' a little? When my head feels full I can draw the energy away from my head to my navel. I just afraid that I might 'over draw' and stuffs...

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Shuffling energy around in your body is possible, but it will return to match the choices in attention and lifestyle afterwards.  


Your singular guarantee is the death of your body. 


Prior to the bodies death, a single moment exists offering the opportunity to appreciate Now. Appreciation for the Now will change where energy resides in the relaxed natural state. 


Unlimited Love, 


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pumping hot or cold jing energy to the brain is an advanced art.

It can bring great benefit if its used to transform jing to shen and rejuvenate the body.

This should not be practiced by beginners and / or people that do not have a master around who can fix things or without  knowing how to remedy deviations.


Some of the very common negative things that can happen are:

  1. Increased pressure on the brain or in the head.
  2. mild effects would be a extremely strong migrain that may not decrease with medication.
  3. some of the experiened qi gong practioner will know what i am talking about.

Pumping to much hot jing up to the head has the risk that this energy gets trapped in the head.

  1. If it transforms and rejuvenates the body that would be fine. (the high feeling that you describe)
  2. If it gets locked up in the head and your not able to get it down that i might create hallucinations or seeing things that are not really there.
  3. So resuming in regard of chi in the head it would be more likely that you should worry about damage to shen or psychological breakdown. (hallucinations and other fun stuff)

Anwsering your question you will probably not die from doing this that would be highly unlikely.

The chance of dying or severe discomfort has a very high probability when chi gets tramped in the chest area.

However it would be prudent and wise that you have all the skills and tools available to avoid hot jing getting trapped in the head

It would be good when practising Qi gong to have a clear objective in mind, a clear qi gong method, and how to measure when you got there.


  1. Objective rejuvenate the body
  2. Method pump chi
  3. Measure rejuvenating high in the body


It would not be a good idea to just keep pumping chi for the sake of pumping chi to the head.

As mentoined it is an advanced heavy duty practise that brings rewards and high risks as well.

I also checked amazon.com they dont repair brains or have spare ones in stock. sorry that was just a joke :-)






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In truth, there is a risk to all things.

There is a death from ejection upwards, and a death from a drop out below. Either way, nobody gets out of here alive.


But you would have to do more than just channel energy upwards into the head. There has to be a specific type of meditation and it is not a "stumble upon" technique. Its very challenging.


All in all, probably not. But kudos to engaging in an evolutionary practice.

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My standard advice is if things get strange, heated or strained.. back off.   Depending on how severe, less intensity or give the practice a break.  Esoteric energy practices were meant to be done under the watch of masters.. we do them at our own risk when we don't have a competent experienced hands on teacher.  


People can confuse danger/damage with signs of progress.  So the best safety net is going slow and steady, and backing away when things over heat or pressurized.   Grounding is always good, whether simply sitting or long walks in nature. 


The journey is a marathon not a sprint. 

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I would not recommend that practice...it will not likely kill you but possibly lead to instability. Simply practicing emptiness meditation will naturally create a kind of energetic gravity that will draw sexual energy upward and alchemize it. 


-Welcome to TDB. 

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