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Favorite movie?

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Groundhog Day








Princess Mononoke

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Right now is ultra-violent SIN CITY


It drives home the point of how socially adept psychiopaths :


Socially Adept Socialpath/Psychopath

I would have to say mine is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.



operate in society. And no matter how much of a good guy you are, you can't get to them. Cuz they designed the system in their favor. There's a lotta good quotes in Sin City. But the best is by the top badguy who never gets caught at the end. He talks about what's true power. True power isn't how much firepower you have, how big you are, your muscles are, your army is, or weapons you have, or killing someone. True power is being able to Lie, and get everyone else to follow your lie - even when deep down everyone else has a feeling your lying but won't challenge you cuz then they'll be admitting they fell for your lie in the first place. <_<B)



Another good movie xXx. (Then newest one, part 2 with Ice Cube. Not part 1 with Vin Diesel)

I know, I know, its not out yet. But I got to see a special preview of it in the morning today at 10am at a theater. I'm not gonna spoil it. But there's a lotta underlining themes. One of em is how at the end of the movie, the president on purpose rewards the main badguy who tried to kill him!!! Theres a quote in the movie by someone about how history is all bogus or something. Then at the end they show it when the president rewards the badguy on purpose!. Makes ya think and wonder how everyone we know about in history who's a "goodguy"

might've done tons of bad stff, or the "badguys" might've really done tons of good stuff........... all of it unofficially known, but not officially shown.


I have a lotta fav movies, but these 2 are what's on my mind right now. ;)

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maybe possibly...




i also really like:





THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS (however the fuck it's spelled)

THE DECALOUGES (not a movie, more of a series)

THE DARK CRYSTAL (from childhood)


DOGTOWN AND THE Z BOYS (hate they are making a motion picture out of this)



and for any Hitchcock fans out there, i highly recommend


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(up to, but not including the Ewoks making a mockery of the dark side)


I was 8 or 9 and it really rocked the boat. Always wanted to be a Jedi after that.



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Do porno movies count? lol, seriously though???


sorry, um... The Razor's Edge with Bill Murray. Very deep spiritual movie...

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Oh dear, I've at least got a dozen... let's see...


Moulin Rouge

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (with Marilyn Monroe)

Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Rocks!! :D )

Salsa (ooh, latino movie... tehee :P )

Dirty Dancing (the original one)




Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (didn't like the other two much as am a purist concerning things Tolkienish)

Pirates of the Carribean

ALL the Ace Ventura Movies!! *giggle*

Oh, and

Breakfast at Tiffany's

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