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Daoist Alchemy

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On 2018-05-17 at 3:53 AM, Starjumper said:


Holy sheet, these scammers aren't playing games, are they.  A couple of suckers and they've got it made ... and here I am, a broke bozo offering stuff to volunteer workers for free.  When a paying student comes they get two weeks for $140 a week and then $400 a month after that, which includes fantastic pure food and primitive accommodations in a pristine wilderness ... but my life is MUCH more pleasant than his.

That was for the two week super special acupuncture training, with food and lodging and so on. 

Couldn't find a class in alchemy on the Web page, but evidently it is a form of Nei Dan that rely heavily on the ten stems, date of birth, stuff like that. And an explanation of the five elements that relies on quantum physics, which always warms my heart. 


Oh no, 🤪, it doesn't, I always fail to grasp the connection, that is how it is. But since I fail to see the clear instructions in the Nei Dan classics as well, this is obviously just a shortcoming on my side. 😁 


Which explain why I practice a Shaolin tradition. 

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