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flowing hands

verse 97

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As  a traditional Daoist Shaman on the whole we have a very different perspective to that of ordinary folk. When being possessed by the divine spirit, brings about some interesting experiences. Li Erh Xian Shi rarely comes but when he does come to teach one is immediately aware of the very deep level of his cultivation and as he says in many of his writings "dwell in the infinite".


So to whet your palate here is verse 97 as he taught me.


'When the spirit is neglected, so the body and mind will suffer.


When the body is neglected, so the spirit and the mind will suffer.


When the mind is neglected, so the spirit and the body will suffer.

When spirit, mind and body are all at one, a long life can be obtained.

Taking care of all three is a life times work.


When the spirit is sick consult the shaman

When the body is sick consult the healer

When the mind is sick, dwell in the infinite.


In the infinite one can find everlasting peace.'




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