Mair 17:1-5

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"Then what am I to do?" asked the Earl of the Yellow River, "and what am I not to do?  With regard to rejecting and accepting, taking and giving, how should I behave?" 

"Viewed in the light of the Way," said the Overlord of the Northern Sea,

"What is prized and what is despised
May be referred to as alternating developments of each other.
Do not persist in following the dictates of your will,
For it will bring you into great conflict with the Way.
What is few and what is many
May be referred to as reciprocal extensions of each other.
Do not be inflexibly monotonous in your behavior,
For it will put you at odds with the Way.

Be solemn as the lord of a state
Whose integrity is impartial;
Be self-composed as the officiant of a sacrificial altar
Whose blessings are impartial;
Be broad-minded as the immensity of the four directions
Which have no borders.

Embosom all the myriad things,
Taking each one under your protective wings.
This may be referred to as universality.
The myriad things will be equally regarded,
There being no long or short among them.
The Way has neither beginning nor end,
But things have life and death.
Not being able to presume upon their completion,
They are now empty, now full,
Without stability in form.
The years cannot be advanced,
Nor can time be stayed.
Dissolution and generation, fullness and emptiness,
Whatever ends has a beginning.

Thus may we

Speak of the secret of the great purport,
Discuss the principle of the myriad things.
The life of things
Is like the cantering and galloping of a horse,
They are transformed with each movement,
They change with each moment.
What are you to do?
What are you not to do?
Just let things evolve by themselves."
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Looked at bluntly this advice is no advise at all, or rather a declaration of the impossibility of giving any general advise concerning what to do.

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