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Mair 17:1-3

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"The deliberators of the world," said the Earl of the Yellow River, "all say, 'That which is extremely minute has no form; that which is extremely large cannot be encompassed.'  Is this true?"

"If we look at what is large from the viewpoint of what is minuscule," said the Overlord of the Northern Sea, "we won't see the whole.  If we look at what is minuscule from the viewpoint of what is large, we won't see the details.  Now, that which is minute is the smallest of the small; that which is enormous is the largest of the large.  Hence, their differences are suitable and in accord with their circumstances.  Yet, the minute and the coarse are both dependent upon their having a form.  That which has no form is numerically indivisible; that which cannot be encompassed is numerically undelimitable.  That which can be discussed in words is the coarseness of things; that which can be conceived of in thought is the minuteness of things.  That which can neither be discussed in words nor conceived of in thought is independent of minuteness and coarseness."  {{"Therefore the conduct of the great man is not aimed at hurting others, and he does not make much of his humaneness and kindness.  When he moves, it is not for profit, but he does not despise the porter (who is always looking out for a tip or a bribe.) at the gate.  He does not wrangle over goods and property, yet he does not make much of his declining and yielding.  In his affairs, he does not rely upon others and does not make much of utilizing his own strength, but he does not despise those who are avaricious and corrupt.  His conduct may differ from that of the common lot, but he does not make much of his eccentricity.  His behavior may follow that of the crowd, but he does not despise the glib flatterer.  All the titles and salaries in the world are not enough to encourage him, nor are penalties and shame enough to disgrace him.  He knows that right and wrong are indivisible, that minuscule and large are undemarcatable.  I have heard it said, 'The Man of the Way is not celebrated; the man of ultimate virtue is not successful; the great man has no self.'  This is the pinnacle of restraint."}}
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