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Modern 'Education'

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Ha!    Its getting worse.


Guy had all these weird ideas about us and our group we had years back ... been sitting on a  sore boil all that time and finally erupted..  friend let him get it all out and at the end ; "What makes you think things like that ?  Why on earth would you seriously think we do or believe stuff like that ?"


Answer ;    " I saw a Youtube on it ."


She tried to explain to him about 'learning' things from Youtube and he couldnt get it - didnt understand what she meant and left confused.


And some people believe anyone who claims knowledge or authority has it ... take this brilliant piece of work for example ;


"Some of the theories of the New Age teachers present a curious picture of the world, especially when they begin to talk about extraterrestrials. Benjamin Creme, for example, tells us that Shambhala, the city suspended in the sky above the Gobi desert, is a space port with a heavy traffic of UFO's from the etheric civilization on Venus. ....  the virginal conception of Jesus. A star ship landed on the outskirts of Nazareth. It was probably a ship from the Pleiades, for the Pleiadeans are a type that is supposed to resemble the most attractive Scandinavian men and women. Mary was taken aboard the ship and artificially inseminated. She could not recall this incident because the Pleiadeans erased her memories. It is because of this unusual "virgin" conception that Jesus was called both the son of man and the Son of God. 


"The New Age teachers such as Barbara Marciniak, the author of "Bringers of the Dawn", tell us that the Pleiadeans resemble human beings in every way except that they are a very old race, and are in fact the progenitors of humanity. 


"The New Age teachers tell us that Jesus, here called Sananda, is the captain of a UFO that orbits the earth, and that together with Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Planets he will come with a fleet of star ships to rescue the 144,000 at the end of the age. "










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Actually the Pleiadians are of reptilian origin. I am kind of embarrassed that I know this. I looked at her stuff circa... 1994. She was a Seth fan (as am I) but her 'channeling' accent makes her sound like Elmer Fudd, which is simply hilarious.


I have waded through more weird-shit on the internet since 1993 than most people, but I have to say, by far the worst conglomerates are those which mix metaphysics and/or aliens with the jesus mythos.


True story: So I was sent a plane ticket by some nice people in '94 to come visit them. They were 'walk ins.' Never mind. Anyway, so he was a programmer and she was a nurse. He was also a pilot, built his own small plane. They had adult kids, they were in their late 40s or so. Sound fairly intelligent, right? I suppose. It was the most gawd-awful compilation of the Ashtar Command, modern UFOlogy 'abduction' lore, channeling, and completely misquoted new testament doctrine I had ever heard. (Not to mention they had half my clothes off before I realized they were more than just really nice. Ha! I'm socially oblivious sometimes. They were pretty disappointed I was celibate in that era lol. They probably should have asked before inviting me!)


That was the first time I'd truly heard someone mix so many things into one new spiritual goulash, as I call it. :-)




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